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| June 24, 2021

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Sam Robinson

It’s been a difficult year with salons being closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, however, the MARKDAVID salon, based in the vibrant area of Stockbridge in Edinburgh, worked hard through the lockdown period, revamping the back space of their salon, which the salon recently expanded into.

The Design

The design of the MARKDAVID salon is something that was incredibly important to the team, as they wanted it to define their brand and allow the salon to stand out against competitors. Although the different rooms have quite a different look, they are all connected with different features and all possess the art décor, a Gatsby inspired vibe that the salon aimed to achieve. The interior design enhances the clients overall experience in the salon and for Owner of the salon, Mark, getting every detail right from the colour, to the small touches like the crockery, was so important.


mark david revamp -

Insta Ready

The MARKDAVID salon has a very ‘Instagrammable’ feel ant the interiors attract clients and influencers to go into the salon and get photos whilst they visit to share and spread the word on their social media platforms. The beautiful, vibrant outdoor front area in particular receives a lot of attraction from passers-by and Mark and the team love that people stop to take photos and also to have a look inside the salon.

New Area

After expanding into the new area and refurbishing the space, the team decided to strip the whole room back, which exposed a fireplace and an Edinburgh press, which are now two of our favourite features within the new salon area. They added new floors, plumbing and re-decorated the whole space and the hallway – which played an essential role in how the overall design would look. The backwash area was tiled with gorgeous rose gold hexagon shaped tiles, which really make a statement and give the room a further luxe and contemporary feel.

mark david salon 2 -

Green Vibes

The colours of the new area also play a huge role in the salon’s new design, contrasting from the front area. Green was chosen as the primary colour way for the front salon space (a bold choice that’s the colour of life, renewal, finance and energy) and Mark wanted to choose something completely different to this for the back space, but still creating a relaxed environment. Blush pink and blue were chosen, which are contrasting shades but work in harmony together and provide a fun and playful look to the space that paired with the rose gold tiling, gold accessories and sleek white styling chairs and backwashes, give the salon a very on trend touch and continue the art deco feel. The lighting also played a huge role in the overall creative look of the space and wall lights and down lighting were added to the back area of the salon, bringing the space to life and adding a warmth to the salon and further elegance.

To find out more about the brand, visit Mark David Salon here.