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| November 27, 2021

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Get The Look: Schwarzkopf Professional at Rize

Get The Look: Schwarzkopf Professional at Rize
Sam Robinson

Schwarzkopf Professional have collaborated with influencer sisters Emma  and Louisa Graceland to celebrate the new OSiS+ Boho Rebel dry hair shampoo.

Putting It To The Test

A dry hair shampoo is a staple in everyone’s hair kit and no more so than when attending festivals! So, to put this new styler to the test Schwarzkopf Professional headed to Rize festival in Chelmsford with influencers The Sister Code, Emma and Louisa.

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Lucy Noon’s Styling

Attending the festival with the influencers to ensure the girls hair was festival ready was Lucy Noon from Hensmans in Northampton. Lucy showed the girls the best way to use to product including tips and tricks such as using a dry hair shampoo to add texture and definition to a look as well as using it to refresh the hair.

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Get The Look By Lucy Noon 

Step 1 – Curl hair using ghd large curler.

Step 2 – Spray in Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Boho rebel in the right pigment to suit the hair colour, chose from either Blonde, Brunette or Dark, to give movement and texture.

Step 3 – Divide hair down the parting from forehead to neck.

Step 4 – Start Dutch braiding the hair keeping tension until you get to the nape of the neck then secure with an elastic

Step 5 – Pull out braid to make it big and use a tiny bit of OSiS+ Boho Rebel to add texture and keep the plaits fat and chunky.

Step 6 – Take a few strands of hair from the bottom of the plait and wrap around the elastic to hide this and hold in place with a bobby pin.

Step 7 – Add in a few hair rings to the plait or weave in some flowers to create a more festival feel!

Step 8 – Finally set in place with OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Flex!

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If you want to find out about the brand and its products, visit Schwarzkopf Professional here