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| July 15, 2020

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Sam Robinson

As part of Robyn’s recovery process, she met with the Unlimited Hairloss Solutions team at its Huddersfield clinic. Known for its bespoke approach to hair concerns, Unlimited Hairloss Solutions has earned a reputation as one of the UK’s most elite providers of non-invasive hair replacement treatments for women. Utilising decades of research and expertise within the hair loss and Trichology arenas, its team is able to offer women access to viable and affordable non-surgical hair replacement solutions.
Robyn Hogan_Before

Strictly Non-Invasive

Following months of surgery, Robyn was understandably looking for a strictly non-invasive way of concealing her head scarring and replacing her lost hair. After a thorough initial consultation with Unlimited Hairloss Solutions’ award-winning resident Trichologist, Eva Proudman, the team were able to fit Robyn with their highly effective Integration system (pictured left). The Integration system, which comprises a handmade lace integration mesh, is designed to be a permanent disguise for hair loss and hair thinning. Unlimited Hairloss Solutions is one of only a handful of UK clinics offering the Integration system, which is a popular choice due to its ease of use, effectiveness and breathability.

Robyn’s Story

Robyn was recently able to remove her Integration system, having successfully re-grown her natural hair underneath. Thanks to the breathable nature of the Integration method, full natural hair growth can take place underneath the system. Showing off the results of the life-changing system, Robyn demonstrated how the Integration method fitted by the team at Unlimited Hairloss Solutions had allowed her to conceal the bald scarred section of her scalp and disguise her hair loss, creating the appearance of a full head of beautiful hair, while allowing her own hair to return to full health underneath.

Robyn Hogan_After -

Rebuilding Confidence

Thanks to Unlimited Hairloss Solutions’ bespoke approach to hair loss, Robyn was able to find a hair replacement method that suited her and her individual needs. This process not only restored Robyn’s appearance, but also rebuilt her confidence, and with the support of the team, Robyn was able to look forward to the future. With her reclaimed confidence and zest for life, Robyn is now studying at sixth form and plans to attend university to study nursing, with hopes of becoming an intensive care nurse. Robyn also works with Leeds-based trauma charity, Day One, offering support to other victims of major trauma.

Much Needed Support

Hayley Jennings, founder and co-director, Unlimited Hairloss Solutions said: “We are delighted that we were able to give Robyn the support, solution and care she needed, following such a horrific period in her life. Having to cope with such traumatic physical and mental devastation, and at such a young age, can make an issue such as hair replacement appear superficial and trivial. However we found that giving Robyn the opportunity to take control of her situation, and restore both her appearance and her confidence, really helped her to cope with what she went through. Seeing Robyn show off the results of her Integration system – and the transformational effect of the treatments we offer – reminds us exactly why we do what we do, and demonstrates the life-changing ability of our service.”

For more information about the brand, you can visit Unlimited Hair Loss Solutions here.