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| August 2, 2020

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Sens.Ùs Team Hits The Road With Their White Collection

Sens.Ùs Team Hits The Road With Their White Collection
Sam Robinson

The Sens.Ùs team took their most recent White Collection on the road, with educational dates across the UK.

What Is It

The White Collection is the latest trend story from Sens.Ùs; the premium Italian natural haircare range. Artistic Director, Luigi Martini, says: “Our Summer 2018 collection represents the excitement of something simple, the naturalness of love and self-confidence. “It’s about a minimalist process that reduces reality,” he adds. “And which makes the emotion and story behind your work the main point of focus.”

White Collection Look 1  -


Visually, the collection was inspired by a melting pot of 80s and 90s references, with clean lines, distinct panels, streetstyle-influenced textures and unexpected pops of colour. Male and female looks gained equal billing, with a host of salon-friendly techniques and on-trend finishes for all clients.

Hitting The Road  

This summer, Sens.Ùs took their trend collection on the road, introducing the looks to a UK audience in a two-date tour. Salon professionals descended on the Midlands Art Centre in Birmingham and the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, for a duo of day-long presentations showcasing the inspirations behind the trends, as well as techniques and product picks for achieving the looks.

White Collection Look 2  -


Luigi Martini headed up the event, but joining him in presenting the collection across the UK was Jude Rizzo, Sens.Ùs Creative Team member and Sens.Ùs UK ambassador. Together, Luigi and Jude demonstrated the new season cuts, colours and styles on live models, before hosting a hands-on workshop for attendees to get to grips with the latest finishes.

Why not visit I Love Sensus here to find out more information.