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| June 13, 2024

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Sean Hanna’s tips for a successful summer

Sean Hanna’s tips for a successful summer
Sam Robinson

As we head into summer, it’s a great time to inspire your Clients and get them in the mood to try something new or get their hair looking great for the warmer weather.

Sean Hanna has more than 40 years of industry experience and has run many successful marketing campaigns with his salon group, Sean Hanna Salons and now heads the Sean Hanna Business Consultancy, helping other salons achieve success.

According to Sean, planning is key to successful months ahead, and shares his tips with us. 

Create A Story Around Services
Balayage continues to be a popular service, so create a story around your services. For example, create a Balayage Booster Package, telling Clients to get your balayage looking perfect for summer. The package could include a full head Balayage, pre-colour treatment, perfect toner and sun protection kit to take away.

Ideally the story is created in collaboration with your team. It needs to have their support to ensure this will be successful. Create a training plan which ensures the team are fully aligned to the story.

Campaign Success = Planning + Joining Up All Of The Elements

  • The concept / idea.
  • The story
  • The communication / training with the team
  • Clear pricing policy
  • The content used to promote this with images, videos, testimonials.

Let your campaign run for a set time, for example your summer campaign might end on 30 September 2024 in time for an autumn campaign to start.

Sean’s Top Tips: Creating A Summer Colour Marketing Campaign

1 Creating Content 
Create the content that you will use to promote your campaign. This could be imagery that you will use inside the salon, your window display, on your website and your social media. It could be videos showing the benefits of the package and maybe some case studies where you show before and after results on real Clients who will give their testimonials.

2 Plan In Advance
Typically, you need to be planning a campaign 2-3 months before its launch date to give you time to get everything in place to ensure its success. However, it’s not too late to start now.

3 Be Creative 
If you have a small salon that doesn’t have a huge budget, that’s OK. Be creative and showcase the beautiful work you create in your salon.

4 You Don’t Need To Discount 
It doesn’t have to be about a discount. Packages and bundles can have huge appeal where you can offer a price incentive for an upsell.

5 Stay Positive
Try and keep your marketing positive and creative – don’t just reach for a summer discount because it is an easy option.

6 Educate + Inspire 
Not everyone is price driven, people often want to be educated and inspired, so keep this in mind when planning your summer campaigns.

More Information
Sean Hanna is a renowned figure in the UK hairdressing industry, celebrated for his exceptional talent, innovative vision, and entrepreneurial spirit. At the helm of an award-winning team, Sean created a household brand that offered a first-class service. Now, he is offering his insights, experience and mentoring to the next generation of hairdressing businesses.

Sean’s eBook “The Entrepreneurs Guide to the Galaxy” is available for free, and takes you on his journey from Stylist to Group Owner to Entrepreneur. Visit