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| January 26, 2021

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#SBAwards: How To Nail Your Fashion Salon Entries

#SBAwards: How To Nail Your Fashion Salon Entries
Sam Robinson

At a glance, here’s what you need in order to enter the Salon Business Awards’ Fashion category, with a few tips from our judges! 

The category

If your salon has its eye on all the trends before they happen and your services reflect this, then this is your category.

Who Can Enter

UK based salons that offer hair services.

fashion model -

How To Enter

Entries will need to detail fashion events they’ve been involved in and how they stayed on-trend. We’re also interested in the servies offered and how they change with the trends. An image that represents the salon’s personality will also need to be uploaded. This could be a model image, an image of a city, or anything that represents what the salon stands for.
The winner will be selected by our judging panel in two stages.

What The Judges Are Looking For

– Strategies to ensure the salon is on-trend.
– On-trend services.
– Examples of fashion events the salon team members have been involved in.
– An innovative fashion-focused image with a good explanation of how it represents the salon.

Ready to enter? Download your #SBAwards Entry Pack here.