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| January 15, 2021

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Rainbow Room International: Promoting Newly Qualified Stylists

Rainbow Room International: Promoting Newly Qualified Stylists
Sam Robinson

David Nicolson, Owner of Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square explains his ’20 for 2020′ initiative to promote newly qualified Stylists. 

‘With the current pandemic and the implications for businesses disruption, I have come up with a way to not only support new stylists on the floor, but the salon as a whole unit and future clients that are finding themselves in the position they never imagined six months ago. 20 for 2020 is about creating a new model of salon experience for a new stylist and for models to become clients that are looking for something different and exciting at unbelievably affordable prices.

The Commitment

The commitment is booking three appointments four weeks apart with a colour service on your second visit. Culminating in another cut eight weeks from the clients first visit. This creates the opportunity for the stylist to see their work first hand and how it progresses. This is a unique opportunity to experience a 6 star service at Scotland’s largest award-winning salon group, the client to share a hair journey with their stylist and be absolutely certain that they have a shape that will have been initially based on face shape then honed over subsequent visits to create the perfect shape.

Money Back Guarantee

Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square guarantee that the client will be delighted with their service and their hair. If not, they will get their money back. The cost is £60 in total payable in three withdrawals on each visit and in return all the salon ask is that the client shares their experience on social media to help support their new talent on their first steps in these difficult times. David Nicolson, Owner of the Royal Exchange Square salon, is absolutely committed to this as a way forward for his young team, as the alternatives right now are seeing amazing talent leave the industry, as there is no support in the economy for these new hairdressers without a client base’- David Nicolson.

For more info on the brand, visit Rainbow Room International here.