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| July 7, 2020

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Braliz launches to UK salon professionals

Braliz launches to UK salon professionals
Sam Robinson

The revolutionary formaldehyde free professional Brazilian blow dry treatment, ‘Braliz’ has launched by DC Salon Products in the UK, and we had to try it out! It’s perfect for those who want to offer their clients a long-lasting smooth, straightened finish, while ensuring they retain the health of the hair.

Natural + Nourishing

Now available to salon professionals across the UK from, Braliz offers much
more than other professional Brazilian blow dry treatments available on the market with its effective
natural and nourishing formula giving hair a humidity resistant result and is suitable for all types of hair – including afro and chemically processed hair.

Formaldehyde Free

Using absolutely no formaldehyde or other damaging chemicals and containing ingredients such as Brazilian Botanical Bioactives (BBB), and Guarana, Cashew, and Brazil nut oils which have antioxidant properties, Braliz actively realigns the hair fibres to repair and smooth the hair cuticles, leaving behind a healthy-looking, beautifully shiny and temporary straight blow dry effect that can last for up to 3 months.

Spray Application

Housed in a unique sleek spray application bottle containing between 5-10 applications (£124 for
500ml exc. VAT) which has been specifically designed to minimise salon wastage and maximise on
saving time, Braliz is quick and easy to apply with control and accuracy. Because there are no harsh
chemicals present, the treatment does not cause skin irritation, emit harmful fumes, odour, or smoke
on heat application.

No Patch Test Needed

The gentle formula is not tested on animals, is vegan and clients do not need to have a patch test. In addition the treatment is unlike products as it does not contain formaldehyde. A further benefit of Braliz over other Brazilian blow dry treatments, is that the client is able to wash their hair immediately, and a colour service containing up to 6% peroxide can also be carried out on the same day if required.

The Range

In addition to the salon professional treatment, the Braliz range also features three homecare
products including a shampoo, conditioning emulsion, and a leave in conditioner spray for clients to
take home following their in-salon Braliz treatment.

Ground-Breaking Treatment

Jack Merrick Thirlway, Hairstylist at Neville Hair & Beauty and Braliz Ambassador says, “Braliz is a
truly ground-breaking treatment and I am so impressed with the results. It is extremely easy to use;
the spray allows you to target the root and down the length of the hair shaft, with accuracy. The smell
is pleasant and fresh, unlike traditional Brazilian blow dry treatments, and a really important benefit
is it does not emit smoke or strong odour when straighteners are applied to the hair. I am very pleased to be offering this revolutionary treatment at Neville Hair & Beauty in Knightsbridge.”

Our Before + After

Salon Business’s Erin Jacobs tried out the Braliz Brazillian Blow Dry Treatment. ‘It was a lovely luxury experience, which was very professional from start to finish. My hair felt so luxurious afterwards, and it has been left in lovely condition ever since’. – Erin Jacobs. Take a peek at the difference below! 

Erin Jacobs (Salon Business) - Before + after -

Healthy Looking Finish

Zoe Carnell, co-founder DC Salon Products says: “We are absolutely delighted to be launching Braliz into the UK professional salon market, as this treatment offers salon owners and professionals the chance to offer their clients a new kind of Brazilian Blow Dry treatment. There are absolutely no damaging chemicals contained in Braliz which means a more pleasant experience for both the client and the stylist. The nourishing, natural ingredients contained in the treatment actively improve the condition of the hair, creating a gorgeous, healthy-looking finish. This, combined with the exceptional results Braliz delivers, will undoubtedly lead to repeat custom and long-standing clients, as well as a unique offering which will create stand out for the salons that offer the treatment.”

Suitable For All

Sabrina Dolan, co-founder DC Salon Products says: “Braliz offers something truly unique to both
professional stylist and their clients. Suitable for all hair types, Braliz relaxes and smooths the hair for
up to three months leaving a beautiful shiny, temporary straight blow dry effect. The natural and
nourishing ingredients of Braliz ensure hair stays healthy and repeated use actually improves the
condition of the hair.

It’s Different!

“Because of its gentle formulation Braliz does not require a patch test, which benefits both professional stylists and their clients in terms of booking in initial treatments. In addition, Braliz does not release any of the harsh chemicals or smoke emitted during the heating stage of traditional Brazilian Blow Dry treatments.”

RRP: • Braliz Treatment 500ml Spray £124 • Braliz Treatment 100ml Spray £27 • Braliz Homecare Shampoo 300ml £16 • Braliz Homecare Conditioner 300ml £15.50 • Braliz Homecare Leave-in Spray 100ml £16.75

For trade/wholesale enquires please contact DC Salon Products here.