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| April 4, 2020

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Are You Ready To Join The #AuthenticBeautyMovement?

Are You Ready To Join The #AuthenticBeautyMovement?
Sam Robinson

Are you ready to join the #AuthenticBeautyMovement? We were most definitely intrigued when we received an invitation. So, we jetted off to Berlin, Germany for the international press event for the new brand, ‘Authentic Beauty Concept’.

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About The Brand

BUT FIRST, before we divulge what we got up to at this very cool press event, no doubt you’ll be wondering what the Authentic Beauty Concept is all about? So, here’s the brand’s manifesto;

We believe in authentic beauty. It’s our shared belief, it’s what binds and drives us. It begins the moment you decide to be yourself. We Believe authentic beauty is natural and simple. It doesn’t need sophisticated photo filters it grows with character. We believe in pure ingredients from carefully selected origins free from silicones, sulfates and parabans. We believe in the honest artisan, building on empathy, experience and skills. Be part of the authentic beauty movement’.

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A Memento

Tucked away in Berlin’s trendy Neukölln, we were treated to an immersive day at the creative loft and event space, Colonia Nova. The day started with an introduction to the brand followed by a series of creative workshops, all based around the brand’s four beliefs of Pure Formulas, No-Filter Attitude, Authentic Hair, and Mindful Experience. The Authentic Beauty Concept allows the hairdresser to create a different, premium in-salon environment that blocks out the noise of the busy world around, creating a moment worth to remember – a memento.

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Unique Hairdresser Collective

Several leading Hairdressers have already been chosen as advocates of the brand, all of whom believe in living an authentic lifestyle. We got the opportunity to hear why they have chosen to collaborate with the brand, and were also treated to styling sessions to see exactly how they’ll be using the products to work with their clients’ natural beauty.

On Authentic Beauty

Perfectly imperfect is actually my signature style, not only in the looks which I create, but also in life… Being authentic means embracing imperfections, being proud of them and challenging beauty standards by doing so,’ – Hester Wernert-Rijn, Hairdresser and Stylist in Amsterdam. 

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Intrigued? The Authentic Beauty Concept is due to launch in the UK this coming June. We’re trialling the products and will be back with the full details and of course, our thoughts as soon as it launches.

Find out more about the Authentic Beauty Concept here.