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| May 15, 2021

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Sheree Thompson: Preparing for Brides After Covid

Sheree Thompson: Preparing for Brides After Covid
Sam Robinson

It’s no surprise that the bridal industry has suffered an incredibly huge lose following the pandemic of 2020/21. Weddings have been being cancelled or postponed, guests unable to attend and brides not having the full wedding experience.

As restrictions are beginning to be lifted throughout the four nations, it is important that we as bridal stylists prepare for the influx of brides who will soon be headed our way – although many will agree that this has already began.

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As a bridal educator and bridal stylist, I know first hand just how much the industry has been affected and after the recent announcement, have found myself preparing for brides after covid – after all, it will be different from a normal bridal booking as we must be extra cautious and of course very respectful of the guidelines and restrictions.

Be Organised – Extra, Extra organised

If like me you are already experiencing an incredible demand for bookings in 2022/2023 it’s time to get organised. I’ve had many brides postpone in 2020 and now again in 2021, so make contact with those booked in, communicate with them and try to be as organised as you possibly can. The last thing you want to happen is being unable to work with someone so make sure you have your diary sorted, enquiries up to date and appointments secured as early as you can.

Where Possible, Visit The Location Beforehand

With social distancing very much still a thing, where possible I would advise visiting the location or looking at images or a floorplan of the space you will be styling in. This way you can clearly plan for distancing and also plan the use of the space that will work for you and your equipment. In most circumstances you will be working in the space on a one to one ratio however if there is a makeup artist perhaps booked too, the space must be big enough to allow for distance between the two artists. Many venues will have this pre planned already but it is always best to check just in case.

Allow Extra Time

A bridal booking, depending on how many people you are styling, can often be a long booking. However please remember to book this slightly longer than in normal circumstances, in order to give yourself time to sanitise, apply new PPE and fully disinfect between each individual. This is absolutely vital when adhering to the strict guidelines which have been set out. By allowing extra time this will reduce your stress levels and that of the bridal party – remember, you are keeping both them and yourself safe by doing this.

Remember, don’t just think of yourself, think of those who you could perhaps encounter on the day. Most venue staff will have full PPE equipment, however the MUA or Bridal Team may have forgotten something as simple as a mask or hand sanistiser. I would take several of everything just in case – it is always better being over prepared, especially at the moment.

Take a COVID Test

If you can, depending on your local region, take a covid test before the booking to give your brides peace of mind that you are covid free. This simple task will show not only that you are thinking of them and their bridal party but that you have gone the extra mile to prove that you are safe. Many regional areas do not advise several covid tests and are limiting them, however if you can do so, do it.

Tips by Sheree Thompson of Siren Hair Art.