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| June 24, 2021

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Sam Robinson

How are you dealing with your no-shows? We catch up with ROAR for some inspiration. 

‘Pre and post lockdown, no-shows and cancellations have always been an obstacle for hair salons. After the Covid-19 closure at ROAR we were determined to ensure our business was as robust as possible. We looked at what we could do to reduce no shows and ensure our booking system was as fair as possible for our returning and new clients.

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As hair salons across the country know, time is so limited post lockdown as our utilisation is significantly down. This is challenging on our business and disheartening for our team who were once used to being rushed off their feet.

New Booking Policy

We have introduced a new ROAR Booking Policy which is quite unique and works for us. All clients are required to pay a deposit of £20 per hour for their appointment slot. For example, clients would pay a £20 deposit for a blowdry, however for a ROAR Ribbons and Cut it would be a £60 deposit – this is our signature balayage method and very popular. We call all our clients to arrange the deposits. Whilst they can book online with us this is provisional until we have spoken to them and secured their deposit. To further secure ourselves we ask that all cancellations be made prior to the standard 48-hour window and only by telephone.

Social Media

Accepting cancellations via message or social media doesn’t work for us. When working with clients we devote our full attention and it is unrealistic to think we can always be on hand to check our messages and social accounts throughout the day.

Human Element 

For us to combat no shows as an industry, we need to consider the cause. At ROAR, we are aware of the likelihood that the internet and social media could be adding to the issue of no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Clients can get to know you as a salon via your website and social media and then book an appointment all without any human interaction. Whilst this is excellent, it may lead to people being more likely to cancel without hesitation. Clients can detach from the people behind the business and find it easier to cancel or simply not show up for their appointment in this instance. By introducing the human element by asking clients to call it reduces this’ – BRIAN LEO MCCALLUM, OWNER OF ROAR HAIR AND BEAUTY. 

For more info about the brand, visit ROAR here.