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| August 4, 2020

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Review: Feel At Home At Hive Hair Mcr

Review: Feel At Home At Hive Hair Mcr
Sam Robinson

One of the perks of what we do is getting the chance to try out different products. We love having that opportunity but we can’t deny that the constant switching up of our hair care routine does take its toll upon our tresses. So, when we hear about a cool salon making waves and get the chance to go along for a much needed fix… We can’t say no!

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Hive Hair Mcr was our salon of choice, headed up by its owner Patrick Marrow, who also scooped the Regional Heat North, Color Vision award at Trendvision 2018, and Founding Member Ray O’Carroll. Patrick told us; ‘I worked at a great salon for 10 years, but felt I wanted to create a different identity for myself that was more conducive with me and the type of work which I like to create.’ 

Based on Whitworth Street West in Manchester, its cool interior alone makes it one that you don’t want to walk past and miss out on. Themed around the iconic Manchester working bee, everything from the black and yellow tiles on its walls to the honeycomb-esque glasses which you sip your water from, sit perfectly in sync with rustic wood, making a nod towards Manchester’s industrial heritage. Not only does the salon look really cool but it’s also great to learn that it’s got such a well thought out theme.

Hive interior -

Growing Identity

I initially started a blog to put myself out there, Named A Hive Of Activity, but I decided to capitalise on the name and the growing identity of the city when the prospect of owning a salon became more and more likely. I felt that the colour scheme reflected the attitude within the salon, as well as the work which we create. We have a no bullshit approach in an age of salons that rely on ‘silver service’ to attract their demographics. Clients get looked after but in an environment that’s fun and relaxed, encouraging people to embrace themselves. After getting the right advice, and doing the right research, the interior design fell in to place bit by bit,’ – Patrick Marrow.  

The Starting Point

So, as is de rigueur with all of the best documented hair transformations, here’s a pic of how we entered the salon. Before our appointment, we of course also went along for a patch test and consultation. We explained our hair problems and what we’d ideally like to achieve, and received all of the information which we needed.

Hive hair Start -

Step By Step

Both Patrick and Ray worked together on our hair.  So, what did we try out? We opted for a 1/2 head of highlights and toner to banish those roots, a Plex treatment to help restore our hair and make it stronger, and a cut. Here’s what went down step by step.

1)At the beginning of the appointment, we were given another quick consultation to double-check on what we wanted and recap on how it’d be achieved.

2)A clay and tint lightener were used for a multi tonal effect, and applied with a medium weave of back to back foils to stop harsh grow out. (Tint 8/12% to get 3 levels lift). One thing that we explained in our consultation was that we like to avoid a harsh stripey effect, so it was great to see that out preferences were immediately being taken on-board.

3)Next step was to cool down the brass, so the hair not in foils was toned and glossed.

4)Once the foils were finished, that hair was also toned and glossed.

5)The hair was also treated to a Wellaplex treatment, and was washed with Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash Shampoo and Plumping Rinse.


Having fine hair that’s been dyed and styled for more years then we’d care to remember, means that getting knots out after washing can often be a nightmare. One really great thing about this salon, is that they listen and then educate their clients minus any confusing industry jargon. On this occasion, it might only be about how to get your tangles out for your own convenience but it’s also highlighted how on other occasions it’s not been done with the best of care, which can of course lead to damaged hair. So, here’s how to spare the tear.

1)Comb through conditioner.
2)Section the hair, and then starting at the tips, brush downwards. Move up inch by inch to the root.
3)Only now should you brush through with a tangle brush.

Hive decor -

The Salon’s Products

We care about the products used in the salon – they should be produced ethically and responsibly. Crazy Color and Kevin Murphy work themselves seamlessly into the aesthetic and the profile of the salon, whilst Wella & Joico products perform amazingly, making our work more and more straightforward,’ Patrick Marrow.  

hive products -

The end result (below) was exactly what we wished for. We loved the colour and hair felt all-round silky smooth and in much better condition. As for the salon experience, there was nothing we could fault, from knowing the ins and outs of what’s being done to our hair throughout, to soaking up a fun environment where you’re made to feel at home. You’re in safe hands with Patrick and Ray, and almost best of all, it comes with an appointment filled with laughs.

Hive Hair Transformation -

For more info on the salon, you can check out Hive Hair Mcr here, and be inspired by their work on Insta @hivehairmcr.