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| September 24, 2020

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Sam Robinson

The latest tool in Electric Hairdressing’s Professional Product line provides instant grip, hold and volume without the usual grittiness of powder. Invisible Volume Chalk contains no magnesium, ensuring it is ideal for coloured hair. It leaves all types of hair feeling amplified yet natural and free-moving.

For Everyone

Mark Woolley, Founder and Creative Director of Electric Hair, wished to create a hair chalk that both hairdressers and clients love. He said: “I often found clients complain their hair felt rough or dirty after using other hair chalks and wanted to create a product that is both light on the hair yet performs to the highest standard.”

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What’s The Secret?

°C-8 Invisible Volume Chalk is made magnesium free. Magnesium is not only damaging to coloured hair, but binds to the hair follicles, leaving hair feeling gritty. The formulation contains chalk which can be sourced from the white cliffs in Sussex, a local resource from Electric’s home in the south of England. The Chalk is invisible when sitting on the hair and is grit free, leaving the hair feeling naturally soft. This new formulation is revolutionary to the hair industry, allowing for volume and hold without the rough feel to hair.

The Design

Electric are celebrating monochrome with the bottle design, featuring a sixties-inspired Aztec pattern 

How To Use:

Sprinkle a small amount from pot (like salt and pepper) onto  the roots of dry hair and style as desired.

For more info on the brand, visit Electric Hair here.