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| April 7, 2020

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Sam Robinson

13 different countries recently gathered together, including the IdHAIR Educators and Distributors, for the IdHAIR International Conference and the official launch of the NEW IdHAIR Elements Xclusive range.

About The Event

The conference and launch of the new, incredible range that focuses on recycled plastic, took place at the IdHAIR Headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark (where the brand was founded in 1986) and was a fantastic weekend where all the countries got together to share their thoughts on the new products and information on how they use them in their country to provide inspiration and ideas for everyone to take back home and share. Founder of IdHAIR, Preben Munch Kjaergaard and Garth Sliufko, Owner of IdHAIR UK also attended the two-day event.

IDHair Event -

The First Day

On the first day of the conference, the IdHAIR International Art Team delivered to the sales team, providing them with information on the products and what they do and on the second day, a show was put on to demonstrate looks from the new ‘IdHAIR Look Book’, which contains how-to’s using the new IdHAIR Elements Xclusive products. All attendees were able to get a feel for the products over the two days.

The Second Day

Each country had a section of the room with a mannequin head and 4/5 different products they used to create a look on the mannequin where teams could walk round and see the looks and what products were used to create them. Each country showed something different and used different products.

IDHair Look 2 -

An Inspirational Opportunity

Lesley Stitt, IdHAIR Educator, commented, “The weekend was great fun and allowed everyone to get to know a lot more about the new IdHAIR Elements Xclusive products, what they have to offer and how amazing they are and the ranges benefits and how it is unique to other hair products hairdressers have at the moment. It was also great to have all the countries together in one place, we are like a big family at IdHAIR and it was great to be able to bounce all of our ideas off each other and show how we use the products in our home towns to create different gorgeous looks and to get inspiration from the different countries to take home to our teams.

To find out more, please visit IDHair here