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| February 25, 2021

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Get the look – romantic curls by David Corbett

Get the look – romantic curls by David Corbett
Sam Robinson

David Corbett of David Corbett Hairdressing, Bothwell, Glasgow shares his tips on achieving those beautiful soft curls. 

David Corbett curls how to -

1 Wash and blow-dry hair with a Denman brush. This will create a sharp line at the nape but also give you the desired root lift.
2 Spray the hair with a heat protection spray and hairspray. Then, starting on the top of the hair, use small styling irons and create corkscrew curls. Start by curling inwards, then outwards and continue with this alternate pattern throughout the top and sides. If you do them all the same direction you will end up with more waves than curls.
3 Once all the top and front of the hair is curled, leave to cool and set. Then using your Denman brush, smooth hair through the nape.
4 Using the cool air of your hairdryer, a diffuser and a soft bristle brush, brush through your set.
5 When the curls are thoroughly loosened, use a spray dust to create separation and definition.
6 Spray to finish twisting the edges to create more definition.

For more information visit  Facebook: David Corbett Hairdressing here.