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| June 13, 2024

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Passionate Profit Tour giveaway

Passionate Profit Tour giveaway
Joanne Charlton

Alan Austin-Smith, founder of The Fantastic Hairdresser brand, is hosting a series of one-day seminars across the UK and Ireland in 2024 for new and seasoned salon owners. Known for his winning formula of passion + profit = success, Austin-Smith’s “Passionate Profit” tour, will reveal the key ingredients for running a successful salon business.

We’ve partnered up with Floomly, sole sponsors of these inspiring seminars, to give five start-up salons a ticket to a tour near them. This is an exciting opportunity for salon owners and managers who have opened a business in the last two years or are about to launch. Simply click here to access the post on Instagram, comment yes and your preferred tour location, and the first five will receive a special invitation via DM.

Passionate Profit is set to explore the winning formula for running a successful salon business, covering all major cities nationwide, ending in Dublin on November 11.

The event will delve into the concept that passion alone cannot sustain a thriving business, while solely focusing on profit will not motivate a team. However, combining both elements, passion AND profit, is the “secret sauce” of the most successful businesses. Alan Austin-Smith will share his insights into the pitfalls of passion-only businesses, why relying solely on passion can lead to burnout, and the dangers of profit-driven approaches without genuine passion, affecting the team’s motivation and long-term success of the salon.

The seminar will provide invaluable advice on how to successfully merge the two components, striking the perfect balance between passion AND profit, leading to a salon that thrives financially, and is also a fulfilling and inspiring workspace. As Alan says: “A business needs to be profitable enough to do two things; reinvest in the business, and benefit the owner. If the business isn’t profitable enough to do both, then something needs to change – and my seminar is designed to teach how to achieve this.”

Passionate Profit: “The secret sauce of all successful salons” is sponsored by Floomly, the groundbreaking salon software that is revolutionising salons with its result-oriented package, integrating 30 years of hairdressing knowledge at every turn.

The tour dates will run from 10.30 am – 4 pm (including lunch) at £125 plus VAT. For tickets go to: Passionate Profit Tour Tickets 2024

Upcoming Dates:

24 June: Harrogate 

16 September: Bristol 

17 September: London

28 October: Leicester 

30 October: Manchester 

11 November: Dublin

Partnering with Floomly was a natural choice for the seminar, as their built-in coaching service offers a responsive and reliable system, addressing real issues facing salons of all sizes. Floomly’s comprehensive approach eradicates common software tech-aches, catering to anyone working in a hairdressing environment, including salon owners, managers, stylists, and front-of-house teams.

In summary, the Passionate Profit seminar is a must-attend for new and existing salon entrepreneurs seeking to take their business to the next level. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn from the industry’s finest and turn your salon dream into a successful and enduring reality.