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| April 24, 2024

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Veganism is on an upward curve with no sign of slowing and with it the emergence of new vegan lines, while existing brands launch new products or switch current lines to being 100% vegan. 

Historically, vegan products weren’t always up to the task, but that’s changing too. Still, separating the good from the bad can be a minefield. 

Step in Veganair. An initiative launched by Salon Business in January, it aims to recognise the vegan products that are worthy of a hairdresser’s kit bag. 

Veganair-certified products have the seal of approval from our exclusive panel made up of hair professionals from across the industry. They judge every single vegan product we receive based on its quality and performance, its ingredients, practices during the manufacture and packaging of the product.

It takes the guess work out of which products you should be trying and recommending to your clients. 

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The panel

Ashleigh Hodges 
Karoliina Saunders
Alexander J Maud
Danilo Giangreco


“We’re so excited to launch Veganair and give credibility to the high-performing vegan products that are emerging, almost by the day. Through this initiative, we hope to give hairdressers the confidence to recommend vegan products that will deliver results.”

Getting noticed

Do you have a vegan product you’d like to get Veganair certification for? Send a sample of your product forward for testing, download an application shown in the column on the right and send it with a sample to Salon Business, Office 104, 176 South Street, Romford, Essex, RM1 1BW

Veganair terms and conditions

Certification will be decided by a judging panel made up of hair professional employees, who will score each product based on how it performs, its vegan practices, and packaging. The panel’s decision is final. Veganair certification is valid indefinitely unless the product, its manufacture or packaging is amended. Veganair-certified products can use the Veganair logo in all social, digital and print promotions. We reserve the right to remove certification without further explanation. No responsibility can be accepted for any certified products that are found to have been dishonest. We reserve the right to amend or alter the terms at any time.