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| January 17, 2022

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The ‘How’ Behind The ‘We Don’t Do Saturdays’ Movement

The ‘How’ Behind The ‘We Don’t Do Saturdays’ Movement
Sam Robinson

You want to close on a Saturday, but what now? What’s the next move?

Closing your salon doors on a Saturday sounds ludicrous at first, but the more you mill over it, the more the idea gets stuck in your head… It leaves you wondering, how? How do I do it? How can I make this smooth transition? And most importantly, how do I grow my salon’s profit and revenue, rather than lose out?


David & Nicole Barnett, founders of High Performance Stylist have the ‘How’. They created the ‘We Don’t Do Saturdays’ campaign because they had a ‘Why’ – they wanted to look after their staff, they wanted to put mental health first and they wanted to create a better, more forgiving work environment for salon business worldwide. They wanted their team to be, and feel valued, above all else. When they put the word out they realised that so many salon owners and stylists worldwide shared their ‘Why’, so after a ‘Why’ comes a ‘How’.
Ask Yourself 

  • Is Saturday the most requested day off by your team?
  • Do you have the highest call in sick rate on a Saturday?
  • Do you have the most guest cancellations on a Saturday?
  • Where does Saturday “profit” rank compared to other days in the week?
  • Do you struggle to recruit new team members?
  • What makes you different from every other salon in town?
  • What makes you different that is NOT hair related?

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If you can’t answer all those questions, you need to find the answers before making any changes. Big changes should never be based on ‘let’s try it and see’, they need to be based on fact. So in order to close your door on a Saturday, first things first, you need to understand the inner workings of your business”- Nicole. 

Once you’ve pinned everything down, you’re armed with our figures and have decided to take the plunge, David has the next steps, he says:

“First look at your books and decide a date that makes sense, good customer service is not moving a bunch of appointments, so find a time that works organically for you. Next, communicate with your team so they have advanced notice of their schedule changes.

And finally, plan out how you’re going to communicate these changes with your clientele and your community, remember to focus on the ‘Why’.


Some clients will champion the changes and be fully on board with your ethos, and some won’t. That’s ok. Just like with salon businesses, closing on a Saturday won’t be for all clients, but that’s fine! This is an opportunity to attract people who’re like minded and want to adapt with you because they believe in your ‘Why’.”

For more information about the brand visit HIGH PERFORMANCE STYLIST here.