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| May 16, 2021

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The Fringe of 2021 By Darrel Starkey

The Fringe of 2021 By Darrel Starkey
Sam Robinson

With trends predicted and many clients open to a new transformation, our attention now turns to the different ways in which styles can be enhanced, to provide a new, bold look for the individual.

Darrel look 1 -

Introducing, the fringe of 2021 – ‘ That 70’s Fringe.’

Inspired by, you guessed it – the 70’s, the 70’s fringe was hugely popular on the likes of Farrah Fawcett. It’s voluminous wave, soft placement and beautiful shine made it one of the most sought after looks of the era.

Darrel look 2 -

Fast forward to 2021, the 70’s fringe is back and bigger than ever. A root enhanced voluminous wave, stronger placement and of course the shine, it’s set to be hugely popular with clients who are looking for change. Worn in a middle parting, the split fringe works extremely well for those looking to change up their look without drastically change their colour or length.

darrel look 3 -

The fringe works well with beautiful barrel curls or beach waves, with both parts of the style complimenting each other, with a very glamorous finished look. Volume is key in this look, focussing on volume at the roots of the fringe and the under section of the hair. The result – a real natural, beautiful look.

Darrel Starkey