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| July 21, 2024

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The Chapel launch new client technique

The Chapel launch new client technique
Fiona Ward

The Chapel, a leading luxury hair salon, is changing the way customers and stylists interact to create unique experiences and help educate customers on their hair.

Changing your hair can be one of the most powerful and influential decisions you can make on your appearance. Yet, according to research undertaken by The Chapel, finding the right style for you is the part of the hairdressing process that people know the least about.

The rise of the new generation of hairstylists is tackling this. The Chapel’s stylists approach hair with a completely new outlook; it’s all about education, and how to help their clients find out who they really are. By offering conversations as opposed to consultations, built around their R.E.S.T ethos (Relaxation, Education, Service and Tailored Treatments), The Chapel is the first salon of its kind to fully break down the barrier of communication between the stylist and guest. Each stylist will simply have a coffee on the sofa with their client, talk about their day to day life, their habit and hobbies to fully understand their personality, and from this come up with a hairstyle for the clients which reflects who they truly are.

The rapid development of customer demand in the hairdressing industry means that salons have to keep up with the exciting momentum of adapting, developing, and refreshing the experience for a customer. Each of the four salons (Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, London and Verbier) are elegantly decorated and clutter free, with back to back mirrors, offering tranquility and creating the illusion that it is just client and stylist in the room.

“We believe that the biggest hurdle in the styling process has been the language barrier between the customer and stylist; we are working to close that educational gap and create an experience for our guests,” says Amanda Dicker, Founder of The Chapel. “We want them to become completely immersed in the process of discovering who they really are. Hair is about more than how you look — it’s about how you feel.”