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| May 16, 2021

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S/S 21 Hair Trends To Note: INNOluxe X Not Another Salon

S/S 21 Hair Trends To Note: INNOluxe X Not Another Salon
Sam Robinson

Sophia Hilton, INNOluxe Ambassador and founder of Not Another Salon, and her amazing
salon team have some new trends up their sleeves for this Summer.

mullet -


We are so pleased to announce that the Mullet is here to stay! Finally in 2021, guys and girls alike are no longer toying with the idea of getting a mullet, they’re doing it in the masses! Born out of lockdown, we’ve finally started looking at our hair when it’s not styled, checking out our natural texture for the first time, and really enjoying it.

How To Wear It?

The best thing about a mullet is how versatile it is. You can go super choppy, bold, bright and colourful, or the complete opposite, soft, face framing, natural in colour – yet it’s all still within that mullet shape that so many of us love. This one works best on mid-long lengths.

Product Recommendations

We would always recommend an INNOluxe V2 treatment prior to cutting a mullet as it’s super important for the hair to be a really strong, healthy base. This is important to the cut itself as mullets look best when they’re razor cut. If you razor cut on damaged dry hair, you’ll get fraying at the ends and lose the overall shape which is so important to the success of the look. Plus, natural texture and curls in particular, always look best when they’re healthy and shiny.

not another salon look -


This is another one that sits on the side of embracing your natural texture. For all the curly girls out there, this is the trend for you. The Right Kind Of Shag is supposed to work with your natural curl, not against it. This look is all about creating a textured fringe, soft layering and beautiful shape. How To

Wear It?

Wash it and go! The best thing about this trend is how low maintenance it is. Literally wash your hair, pop in some INNOluxe Elixir, air dry, and your hair is ready to take on the world. We’ve seen all kinds of variations too, from natural colours, to bright striking coppers. You can add or take away colour as you’d like, the shag remains strong!

Product Recommendations

As well as an INNOluxe V2 treatment to keep your curls and texture looking their absolute best, we’d always recommend the INNOluxe Elixir V2 which gives you a slice of that salon treatment experience at home, as well as being a leave-in conditioner. It continues to work it’s
magic as you go about your day. We told you it was low maintenance!

For more info on the brand, visit Not Another Salon here, and INNOluxe here.