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| June 24, 2021

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Simon Hill from SESH Hairdressing + the importance of team wellbeing

Simon Hill from SESH Hairdressing + the importance of team wellbeing
Sam Robinson

This Mental Health Awareness week, Simon Hill from SESH Hairdressing tells us why the wellbeing of his team is so important. 

“At SESH Hairdressing, I have always placed a lot of focus on the wellbeing of the team. I am very conscious that mental health is just as important as physical health. All members of the SESH family know they can approach me about anything and I have a very much open door policy which works for us.


My approach to ensure the wellbeing of our team, has to be communication. Last year prior to closing the salon for the first lockdown, I involved all of the SESH team. I value their opinions and perspectives and I believe them knowing this enables them to feel comfortable to communicate with me openly. We made the decision to close the salon voluntarily before it was enforced. I think this action reassured all the team that our main priority is their safety and wellbeing.

Throughout lockdown and the months following, we have maintained regular communication with all the team as a whole and individually. Each week we had a team quiz via Zoom during the peak of lockdown. This was a great relief for stress and anxiety and encouraged the team to interact.Since the salon reopened, we maintained these open lines of communication. I make sure the team all know they can approach me individually or at our weekly team meeting with any issues or worries.

Wellbeing Week

For several years, we have held an annual ‘Wellbeing Week’ where we dedicate a whole week to our mental health and wellbeing. I have worked with Pilates experts, nutrition companies, exercise professionals, healing experts and more to provide sessions for the team to explore their mental health and ensure we are all healthy. The team are so appreciative of this and it not only encourages us to look inwards at our personal mental wellbeing but also find compassion and empathy for team members who may be struggling a little.

Supporting Others

In this tense time, we must practice empathy. We have a responsibility to support our team members and I believe this only way to do this is to understand their point of view and let them know that you hear them. Often people just need someone to listen to them and to really hear what they are saying. Open lines of communication will help your team members come to you with any issues instead of allowing it to fester and potentially become more dangerous. Ensure that your team know they have your full support and they can access you on a one to one basis to discuss anything at anytime.
Post lockdown, we have introduced things such as a quiet space for staff to take a short break to help to ensure wellbeing for a team. At SESH, the team can pop outside for a few minutes between clients to gather their thoughts and I think this works well. Little acts of kindness like this can make the world of difference’ – Simon Hill. 

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