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| May 13, 2021

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SESH Hairdressing Launch Stick to the Shore initiative

SESH Hairdressing Launch Stick to the Shore initiative
Sam Robinson

October 2020 has been an incredibly tough month for the hospitality industry, facing another forced closure and further uncertainty surrounding jobs and moving forward. Leith Hairdresser, Simon Hill of SESH Hairdressing, wanted to do something to show support and gather momentum. The ‘Stick to the Shore’ initiative Simon has rolled out is designed to rally the locals of the shore in Leith, Edinburgh and remind them to support one another during this time.

25% OFF

Simon and the team at SESH Hairdressing are offering local hospitality workers based in the Shore, 25% off all hair services. This applies to appointments made with selected members of the SESH team. This initiative is in place until 20th November whilst the hospitality industry returns to work and finds their feet again.

Stick to the Shore

SESH are running a social media initiative to encourage their followers to ‘Stick to the Shore’ too. When any SESH client supports a local shore bar or restaurant by purchasing a voucher or using their takeaway services, they will receive a complimentary hair treatment at SESH Hairdressing.

Be Kind

Small acts of kindness are crucial during this difficult time. SESH Hairdressing and Simon Hill have always been passionate about their local area at the shore and this small gesture is their way of supporting the community. Simon Hill commented; ‘it was important to us that we not only offer local hospitality workers some money off but also do our bit to ensure our audience supports them too. By sticking together and showing each other support we can all come out of this stronger. We hope everyone sticks to the shore and supports those who really need us just now.”

For more info on the brand, visit Sesh Hairdressing here.