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| February 25, 2021

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Schwarzkopf Professional: Essential Looks Global Masters 1:2021: The Royal Glory Collection

Schwarzkopf Professional: Essential Looks Global Masters 1:2021: The Royal Glory Collection
Sam Robinson

After successfully hosting their first ever virtual Essential Looks Global Masters in August 2020, Schwarzkopf Professional are excited to announce the next must-attend digital event as part of their bi-annual trend and education offering, Essential Looks Global Masters 1:2021: The Royal Glory Collection.


The Essential Looks Global Masters 1:2021 event will take place from 31st January – 2nd February in a digital environment that’s ready for hairdressers around the world to access, whether they are at home, or in the salon.

Digital Education

“The impact of COVID-19 was undeniable. But as an industry, we met those challenges head on and evolved new ways of doing things. We saw an explosion in digital education. The way our hairdressing community consumes this content has changed forever. So now is the time to push on. To embrace this new behaviour and lead this arena in ever-more exciting and innovative ways,”-  International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional, Simon Ellis (@thesimonellis)

What to Expect

The three-day Essential Looks Global Masters event is designed to showcase the inspirational world of Essential Looks through an exciting digital educational offering, covering:


Presented by Schwarzkopf Professional’s renowned Ambassadors, these sessions dive into the conceptual theory behind each of the three new trends, equipping hairdressers with a knowledge base for the latest cut/colour techniques and new product innovations

Look and Learn Sessions

hairdressers will learn how to recreate catwalk and salon variations of the trends as Schwarzkopf Professional’s Ambassadors present step-by-step demonstrations for each look. Each session focusses on key techniques, product combinations and the must-have colouring tools

The Collab

Plus as part of an exciting collaboration, Schwarzkopf Professional’s flagship colour brand – IGORA ROYAL – will be showcased as the leading colour used within the 1:2021 Essential Looks collection.

Essential Looks Global Masters 1:2021: When + How

Schwarzkopf Professional’s early adoption of even more digital formats has paved the way forward for accelerated development; meaning that hairdressers worldwide can benefit from being part of a truly connected and inspired community. For an exclusive experience, 2021’s Essential Looks Global Masters aims to create an immersive learning environment with stage-like digital rooms that reflect both Essential Looks and IGORA aesthetics for deeper storytelling and participant engagement.

To get your free access code, please head to SKP Events here. to register now!