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| June 24, 2021

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Review: The Trevor Sorbie INNOluxe + KeraStraight Cocktail

Review: The Trevor Sorbie INNOluxe + KeraStraight Cocktail
Sam Robinson

The INNOluxe V2 range is one of the most adaptable services to work with. It sits right next to, and enhances, a multitude of other treatments and services from colouring all the way to perming and relaxing! When we heard of a unique INNOluxe cocktail being whipped up at Trevor Sorbie salons, we had to find out more. So, we headed over to Trevor Sorbie Manchester to try one out for ourselves.

basin wash trevor sorbie -

The cocktail is a three step process which takes a relaxing 1.5 hrs to complete. Step 1 begins with the INNOluxe. We tried it as a stand-alone treatment but it can also be used during the colouring process. It was mixed with water and massaged into the hair, then left to absorb for a relaxing 10 minutes. Once the treatment was completed, the hair was towel dried ready for the next step.

Trevor Sorbie Blow Dry -

Step 2 is where the cocktail begins as an Intense Boost Moisture Mask by KeraStraight is applied to the hair. It’s left on the hair for 10 minutes once more, then any excess is combed away, before blow-drying it into the hair. 

Step 3 involves hitting the basin once more for a rinse, before blow-drying the hair and styling. You can see all of the products used below. 

trevor sorbie products -

As you can see from our before and after shots, the result is strong, healthy, beautiful, and shiny hair! We were told that by using the cocktail method these results seem to last longer than if the two treatments were used alone, with clients reporting that their hair has felt amazing for up to a month after the cocktail treatment. We can’t wait to enjoy a month of healthy hair.

Trevor Sorbie - The Results.

At Trevor Sorbie the cost of an INNOluxe treatment is £40 and the cost of a KeraStraight Intense Boost treatment is £25. So, this cocktail is billed at £65.

Thanks for a great treatment Trevor Sorbie Manchester! If you want to find out more, visit Trevor Sorbie here, or INNOluxe here, or Kerastraight here.