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| June 24, 2021

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Recreate Davina McCalls’ Feathered Root Look

Recreate Davina McCalls’ Feathered Root Look
Sam Robinson

Davina Mccall showcased a statement hairstyle on Saturday nights episode of the Masked Dancer, the stretched white route is absolutely fantastic and is in fact created with a feather – not colour! This is inspired by the one and only Sam McKnight, who created the feather hair look for the Dries Van Noten show at fashion week in 2020 , using a variety of different feathers, which are worked into the hair to give the illusion of a coloured root.

Root Colour Twist

A creative look, this is a trend which has become hugely popular over the past few months, as it allows the client to quickly change their root colour with a creative twist. This can take the look to a whole new level.

davina feather sm -

To Recreate Follow the Below Steps

1. Section the hair into a middle parting, ensuring the hair is as sleek as possible.
2. Taking your chosen feather, use a tail come to apply a strong hold gel to the bone of the feather.
3. Gently place this onto the parting, fully centered and begin brushing this into the hair with a thin tail comb.
4. In between brushing, use a light coating of gel or strong hold hairspray onto the comb and continue brushing this into the hair.
5. Use these steps to work in 2-3 more feathers and lightly spray the style with a strong hold hair spray and shine spray to finish.

Image Source: Insta @davinamccall