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| August 11, 2020

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R+Co Are Now 100% Vegan

R+Co Are Now 100% Vegan
Sam Robinson

In today’s world, we need to do everything we can to save this planet one step at a time. R+Co is proud to announce the brand is now FULLY VEGAN! All products have been updated from vegetarian to fully vegan formulas.

The Transition

The brand has been working on this transition for the past few years and with recent technological innovations in raw ingredients, the last vegetarian products in R+Co’s extensive line were finally reformulated. These formula transitions only enhanced the products, and the brand has received an overwhelming amount of excitement and support from stylists, retailers and customers since its transition.

Fully Vegan

“Being a fully vegan brand was the goal since the inception of the brand; however, we had to make certain exceptions for performance. Having vegan products aligns perfectly with the brands identity – promoting a modern, health conscious lifestyle that is ingrained in social consciousness.” – Dan Langer, President of R+Co

Vegan Lifestyle

R+Co Co-Founder Thom Priano was at the forefront of the vegan transition for the brand, as he has lived a vegan lifestyle for 10 years and plays integral part in promoting and educating the health and environmental benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Create Awareness

“We want to send a message to both the hairdressing community and greater world that you can have healthy, beautiful hair without testing and harming animals. As a company, R+Co has a platform to create awareness – to prove through masterful formulation, performance and kindness, that there is a better way. We want to be the leaders that steer our industry toward doing what’s right.” – Thom Priano, Celebrity Men’s Stylist and Co – Founder of R+Co

R+Co products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum. Vegan, cruelty free and gluten-free.For more info on the brand, please visit randco here