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| November 29, 2020

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Sam Robinson

A multi-award-winning Chichester business which does a great deal to support good causes decided to help promote the importance of kindness by devoting a day to raising money for a mental health charity.

The Event

On Thursday, February 27, Q Hair and Beauty’s salon on North Street in Chichester held a cake sale and collected donations from guests and the team throughout the day for The Samaritans, as well as raising awareness of the Be Kind culture.

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Protecting The Team

The same drive to give the charity a boost took place in the Q sister salons at Donnington and Midhurst.  “I personally feel very strongly about protecting our own team from the challenges of Facebook and Instagram,” said Q managing director Dawn Lawrence Grant.

Stopping Cyber Bullying

“Social media isn’t going anywhere and we can’t stop it, in fact as a business we need it. But cyber bullying is sadly becoming a bi-product of the benefit the social media revolution has brought us.”

Educate To Prevent

“How can we protect our team and ourselves from it? I don’t have any of the answers except to say we are aware of it, we are not ignorant of it, we educate to prevent, we educate to provide support – what we can’t educate is how to be kind.

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Breed Kindness

“Fortunately, although social media and our business thrive and depend on image-conscious guests, we also naturally breed kindness in our culture at Q. Kindness is rewarded, celebrated and encouraged amongst our team and we are proud to be doing our bit in raising money for The Samaritans.”

For more information on the brand, visit Q Hair And Beauty Here.