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| May 16, 2021

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Pink Lemon Hair’s Vivid Interiors

Pink Lemon Hair’s Vivid Interiors
Sam Robinson

Becky Sutherland of Pink Lemon Salon talks us through her gorgeous salon’s design and inspirations. 

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How did you get into Hairdressing? 

I started hairdressing when I was just 13, it was something I was inherently passionate about and knew I wanted this to be my lifelong career. I didn’t realise just how far it would get me. I opened my first salon 8 years ago, I started out with just a £500 budget with hopes & prayers that it would work out. There were already so many amazing salons around me where I was based in a little pit village in Durham, so I knew I needed to do something that was outside the box in order to achieve success. My salon was my happy place and I wanted every client that walked through the door to feel the same. I got into vivid colour work initially by doing them for free, it wasn’t something that was common in my little village so this seemed the best way to get it started. I uploaded the pictures on social media and everything just went wild from there. I love being different – finding what works for me and rolling with it.

I’ve since been recognised for my vivid hair transformations by global brands, which has led me to becoming a brand ambassador for Crazy Colour and OSMO, as well as being sponsored by hair care brand INNOluxe. This has opened so many doors of opportunity for me to share what I love to do through education, hair events and photoshoots, working with some of the most incredibly talented people in the industry. The support I receive from this community has been like no other. Throughout lockdown, I have been able to do online video education as well as live video demonstrations on social media platforms for the brands that I work with. This has been my rock getting through lockdown as I have been able to get creative which I’m so thankful for. I also fully launched The Slither, which is a new hair technique that I came up with in the back end of 2020 which took the industry by storm this year! I was so overwhelmed with the response and seeing so many people recreate it. My first customer back in the salon asked for it and I have a few more booked in, too!

The next step in my career is to create my own collection of images featuring my colour work. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but struggled to find the time to organise. After gaining experience working on photoshoots and taking on an assistant for the industry side of business, I feel confidently ready to create my own sequence of images that I can share and submit for competitions, rather than just sharing client work. I am looking forward to future opportunities, which hopefully will open up much more for educating and photoshoot assisting with the relaxation of lockdown restrictions.

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Tell us about your salon

In the first lockdown, I moved out of my smaller salon in Langley Park over to my bigger salon in Meadowfield. I moved from a salon with 3 chairs to a salon with 10 chairs. This is due to my ever growing clientele. I am constantly booked back to back and the new space has allowed me to fit more clients in each day and work on multiple at one time with the help of my assistant as well as an apprentice which I have recently taken on.

Throughout the first lockdown I was kept busy by turning a totally empty space into my vibrant salon which was a visual representation of my work – colourful and quirky! Unfortunately we weren’t able to open for too long before salons were closed again and I decided it was the perfect time to rebrand. I changed from Lush Hair, a name which I had been toying with leaving for a while but was reluctant to do so because everyone knew me for that and associated it with me, to Pink Lemon Hair. I really wanted the name to be a reflection of my work and the salon. I chose something that incorporated bright colour, vibrancy and something a bit eccentric!

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What inspired your salon’s interior design? 

When I first opened the new salon, one of my main features was giant posters of colourful sheep behind the basin area. There’s not much rhyme or reason to why I choose the things I do, I just think of something I love, find it in colour and put it up! I love thinking outside of the box and surprising people with what could possibly come next. This is also how I feel about my work, so I think the salon is a perfect reflection of this. When I reopened as Pink Lemon, I had decided the overall salon wasn’t vibrant enough for me. I’ve added more colours as well as a panel of macaron posters which are all vibrant, an entire wall covered in lemon pictured wallpaper and a lemon tree to fill the large space in the middle of the salon along with vibrant accessories. The inspiration behind my decor is my work and my new brand name. If something sounds over the top, it’s a perfect fit for me.

Bright vivid hair transformations are my specialty, when people see my work, they know it’s mine because it’s so bright and creative. I achieve this through posting on social media, but I want my clients and anybody passing by that might not have seen my work online to get the same visual experience by coming into my salon.

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To find out more about the brand, visit Pink Lemon Hair here.