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| January 23, 2021

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OSMO® Color Psycho® – Introducing New Wild Black

OSMO® Color Psycho® – Introducing New Wild Black
Sam Robinson

Ready for your clients to embrace their dark side? Reach for the semi-permanent OSMO® Color Psycho® in new Wild Black, which when added to OSMO® Color Tamer, also allows for unlimited on-trend grey colour options too.

New Go To

OSMO® Color Psycho® Wild Black is the new ‘go to’ base shade for your semipermanent colour palette! You can also blend the new shade with any of the OSMO® Color Psycho® Wild Bright shades to add depth to their existing tones. Or alternatively, you can of course use it alone for dramatic, natural black results but since grey is the new black for 2019, you can’t let such a huge trend pass you by.

Color Psycho Wild Black

Go Grey

Grey is here to stay, as we see the silver hair trend making waves for yet another season. It’s not one to be ignored either – Pinterest has noted ‘going grey’ as one of its top searches for 2019. Customers aren’t only requesting unusual colour shades but also growing out their natural grey hair too. So, why not select the 100% vegan friendly, new Wild Black OSMO® Color Psycho®, and try out one of favourite hair trends here:

Silvery Upgrade

We’ve seen many a celeb and influencer embracing the root to tip silvery hue, and it’s all about choosing the right tone and haircut for you. For best results, apply the Wild Black OSMO® Color Psycho® and OSMO® Color Tamer blend to pre-lightened/bleached hair. Intrigued but client not quite ready to live their best grey life yet? If they’re already rocking the platinum blonde look and fancy a little upgrade, simply add interest by running some grey strands throughout their hair.

Dark Bright’s

With vivid bright’s still being a popular technique in the salon and across social, OSMO® Color Psycho® Wild Black will add depth and shade to your clients’ style. Apply to your colour placements for contrasting effects. How bright will you go?

Up the Volume

The ready to use formula is ammonia and peroxide free, and even conditions hair as the colour is deposited. You can help to add depth to your client’s style and make their hair appear fuller by dying the roots a darker grey, or even black for a starker contrast. How bold you go with OSMO® Color Psycho® is totally up to you!

Blend It

We’re all still in love with a good balayage, so why not make it a black and silver hair blend? It’ll give you a whole new look, which is also less effort to maintain than when opting for full silver coverage. Plus, we think that this transformation looks even better with time. Now bring on the silver hair selfies!

OSMO Color Psycho Now Has 15 shades

NEW Wild Black | Wild Blue | Wild Cerise | Wild Claret | Wild Cobalt | Wild Fuchsia| Wild Green | Wild Orange | Wild Pink | Wild Purple| Wild Rouge| Wild Silver | Wild Teal | Wild Yellow |Wild Violet


• Ammonia and peroxide free
• 15 shades • For best results apply to pre-lightened / bleached hair
• Leave for 15 – 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly
• Pastelising effect across the Color Psycho spectrum
• Vary mixing ratio to achieve desired colour • Vegan friendly

*Size: 150ml Salon Price: £4.25 +VAT (RRP £8.45)

For more info on the brand, visit OSMO hair here.