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| October 20, 2021

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The Fellowship Hit The Fringe

The Fellowship Hit The Fringe
Rebecca Parker

The Fellowship recently hit Edinburgh, piling into the longstanding venue, The Jam House, a quirky and funky jazz-centric location in the heart of the city for one of the Fellowship’s legendary masterclasses.

An Unforgettable Evening

Only the Fellowship can bring such an impressive host of hairdressers together for one unforgettable evening. Gracing the stage with their models and kit-bags was former President of the Fellowship and Fellowship Ambassador Bruno Marc from Marc Antoni, Alan Findlay from Rebel Rebel, Heather Nelson from Nelson Hairdressing and Ronnie Marshall from Byron Hairdressing.

Bringing Something Different

Each artist brought something different to the stage; from futuristic Avant Garde work, to androgyny and crossing gender boundaries, to the fine line between modern barbering and professional hairdressing. Three-times winner in the British Hairdressing Awards, Kay McIntyre of McIntyre’s also took the spotlight with host President Karine Jackson, to share her career story.

It All Came Together

“Kay gave us a great insight into her career,” says Karine, “She revealed that her first job was delivering butcher meat! She highlighted that everything was not a bed of roses but with a lot of hard work, it all came together. She has now won Scottish Hairdresser of the Year three times and has entered the Hall of Fame within the British Hairdressing Awards!”

A Fantastic Time

Alan Findlay from Rebel Rebel says, “I had a fantastic time at the On the Fringe masterclass. It was interesting being the only barber amongst some big Scottish names. It was great to see so much interest in the barbering techniques I demonstrated on stage and many people approached me afterwards to ask me about my tools. It just goes to show that there is such a fine line between hairdressing and barbering; hair is hair and all techniques are applicable and important. Fashion is the only thing that divides the two but it’s important that we as industry experts know how to apply elements of both.”

More Events To Come

There was something for everyone at On the Fringe, rounded up with plenty of networking at the bar. After such a fantastic success in Scotland over 2017, the Fellowship for British Hairdressing look forward to the 2018 calendar with many more events in the pipeline.

Head to the Fellowship Hair site to find out more about its events.