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| April 23, 2021

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Mewies & Co invests in team’s mental health

Mewies & Co invests in team’s mental health
Sam Robinson

With over 600,000 cases of work related stress in 2018/19 and one in six British workers said to experience depression and anxiety, Mewies & Co hosted a team mental health workshop in response to recognising the impact of mental ill health.

Importance of Mental Health

Dan Mewies, founder of Mewies & Co and Authentic Beauty Concept Ambassador said: “Here at Mewies & Co we recognise the importance of mental health. We hosted a workshop with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England to protect the minds of our team during this uncertain time and we can see the benefits lasting well beyond lockdown.”

Building Awareness

“The mental health education seminar built our awareness personally during this difficult time and also for when we’re looking ahead and can open our doors to our loyal clients. With MHFA instructor Richard Pope, we talked about what fills our ‘personal stress container’, how we learn to realise these pressures and helpful coping mechanisms.”

Dan at Mewies & Co believes this education will help to build a happier team and a more proactive business. Putting the session into practice, Mewies & Co are taking three simple steps to move forward:

• Sensitise: Introduce the idea of talking about mental health.
• Skills: Through quality training, empower employees to support each.
• Sustain: Keep disseminating skills and awareness.

Developing Understanding

Dan adds: “As an organisation we’ve invested in developing our teams understanding of mental health awareness and have since decided to invest further and fund a member of the team to become an accredited Mental Health First Aider for Mewies & Co and to encourage our open door policy.”

“As a team we can’t wait to see our clients again and give them all the boost they deserve. Using lockdown the best way we can our hairdressing skills will be better than ever and also our mental health. As a result we will be here to listen and carry on our incredible Mewies & Co salon experience.”

Mewies & Co Hair Salon -

Dan’s Takeaway Tips On a Personal Level: 

• Maintain a healthy diet
• Exercise regularly
• A positive support system of friends/family
• Regular timeouts when needed
• Stay hydrated

As a Business Owner – On a Business Level

• Promote an open door policy
• Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to think outside the box
• Be more visual
• Find time for your team. 

For more info on the brand visit Mewies & Co and here.