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| July 15, 2020

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Sam Robinson

With education continuing to build its importance within the industry and brands becoming more aware of meeting the needs of clients and containing the right ingredients, we chat to the IdHAIR educators to find out more on what they do for their brand, how they educate and get other salons on board and what makes IdHAIR stand out from the crowd in this ever evolving industry…

lyndsey -

Meet Lyndsey Ford – IdHAIR Head of Education for the UK

Upon starting with Trade Hair Supplies over seven years ago, Lyndsey was asked to join the Artistic Team, where she started to deliver education and do some stage work. When the company took on IdHAIR, Lyndsey got asked to join as an educator. Upon trying the IdHAIR products Lyndsey instantly fell in love and accepted the offer. She completely changed her salon brand and her staff and clients love it. Lyndsey has grown with the company and is now the IdHAIR Head of Education for the UK, where she travels throughout the UK and around the world running IdHAIR courses and sharing her knowledge and love for the IdHAIR product ranges that include colour, care and styling and getting other salons knowledgeable and passionate about the brand. She also works on stage and at industry events showcasing the brand and the looks that can be created using their products, inspiring hairdressers and showing them the IdHAIR brand and products are truly unique to others on the market.

Lyndsey’s favourite thing about the brand?

“I love that IdHAIR products are developed by hairdressers, for hairdressers, this makes them very versatile and easy to use.  The thing I love the most about Id is our colour palette. Our colour is so true, highly pigmented and the shine it brings to the hair is like glass. Our reds are true red, our violets true violet etc. Our entire palette is intermixable, which means its only limited by your imagination. It’s a brand for the creative hairdressers. This makes our Hair Paint and Hair Paint Free ranges stand out from other brands. We also now have our vegan demi hair colour Gloss range, which is exceptional and one of my favourite ranges as it allows colourists to be able to use the products for many different colouring techniques including colour correction, toning, after bleaching and for gloss effects.”

robert K -

Meet Robert Kirby – IdHAIR Artistic Director for the UK

Robert Kirby has won a number of awards and accolades over the years and has taught and presented seminars all over the world and building a loyal following of celebrity clients, as well as being invited to work backstage at London Fashion Week. The IdHAIR team were a big fan of Robert’s work and enthusiasm and in October 2014, they asked him to be the UK Colour Ambassador for the brand. In 2014, Robert also opened his very first stand-alone salon in London using IdHAIR on his clientele and loyal celebrity clients. Doing regular hair shoots, Robert also uses IdHAIR colour and styling products, which allow him to create on trend and creative looks. Robert is now IdHAIR’s Artistic Director for the UK where he focuses on the creative side of the business and creates photoshoot with IdHAIR, works on stage and also educates around the world. Teaching and educating is one of Robert’s passions, as well as creating incredible looks on photoshoots and for collections and he loves discussing the creative opportunities available with the IdHAIR brand and it’s fantastic colour palette.

Robert’s favourite thing about the brand?

“After working and educating with other brands it was the family bond everyone had at the company. I really loved this and I love that everyone at the company has such a strong bond with the brand. As well as this, after working with different brands something that really stood out to me with idHAIR was it’s blonde system – I had never got the results I can get with IdHAIR with any other brand. “

Paul -

Meet Paul Callaghan – IdHAIR Colourist

Paul Callaghan is an exceptional colourist and IdHAIR were instantly impressed with his work. Upon using IdHAIR, Paul was a big fan of the products and the ranges, and regularly promoted these on his social media account where he has a great following. Paul is now a loyal user of IdHAIR and uses this regularly on his clients to create their hair goals and Paul also now helps Lyndsey Ford and attends education courses, informing and inspiring other hairdressers about the IdHAIR brand and what it has to offer for them and their salon. Paul along with Lyndsey and Robert, also help to provide lots of exciting and interesting content for the IdHAIR UK Instagram page – shouting about the brand to other hairdressers and being involved with Instagram Takeovers to discuss the IdHAIR products and ranges in details and to showcase some of the great looks and techniques they can be used for in the salon.

Paul’s favourite thing about the brand?

I have so many things I love about the brand but one of the biggest things is that it’s exclusive. You can’t buy IdHAIR online or anywhere else, as it’s exclusive only to Trade Hair Supplies. They grey coverage and colour results you get with the colour ranges are also out of this world and I also love that the brand is family run and that you get constant support and continued education.

For more info on the brand, visit IdHair UK here.