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| June 24, 2021

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Sam Robinson

In the past couple of years male grooming services and sales have taken a boom, with more men being interested in self-care and grooming. There are so many reasons why men have decided to be more conscious of their looks and style, with celebrities and social media being a huge aspect of this. As the men’s grooming industry expands, Mathew Watt talks catering for male clientele in your salon.

Male Specific Services

‘One of the most important things that is required from you and your salon to cater to male clientele is to have male specific services such as hot shaves and beard grooming and mini facials. Having a range of services tailored specifically for men will really entice them into your salon and show them you care about them as individuals.

Having packages available to your male clientele is also beneficial, such as getting their hair, beard eyebrows tidied and a facial. Men like to pamper themselves too, particularly before they are heading on holiday or have a stag do or wedding and everyone loves a package deal where they can save some money and get all their services done in the same place.

I’d also recommend taking advantage of the seasons e.g. having a summer package during summer and when men may want to get spruced up before their holiday’s and a festive package for men who will want to get all their grooming services carried out for Christmas and new year and festive events they have coming up. Father’s day is another fantastic time to have a package and get male clients into your salon. You can also offer gift vouchers for Father’s Day presents with the packages.

Get Promoting

Once you have male specific services in place for clients the next step is to promote these and get men into your salon. Promote the services and packages on your social media and your website to really shout about them but make sure you have looked up your competitors pricing beforehand so you can figure out the right prices you want to offer your services at. Advertising in local publications is also beneficial to let people know about your new services and gain more attraction to your salon.

In any salon, retail plays a huge role in your sales and if you are catering for men you should also have products developed specifically for men such as gels and waxes and beard oils. Recommend products that would work for your male clients hair type after the appointment so they can keep up their grooming routine at home.

Considered Signage

Another thing I think is really important when catering towards male clientele is the décor and signage of your salon, men are often put off by a salon that looks very feminine for example all pink and with female images around the whole salon. If you have men’s hairstyle images, try to utilise these as well as female images to show men that you do men’s hair. In regards to décor, think about this carefully to ensure men will be comfortable in your salon.

The Experience

For your salon to be successful it’s all about the experience you provide to your clients and men just like woman will expect a fantastic service for start to finish. Men who are relatively new to the salon experience may need some education on the experience, some information on what you are doing to their hair, what services you have available to them etc. explain the process to your male clientele as you would your female clientele and provide them with the very best customer experience in order to allow them to leave the salon satisfied and want to return and be a loyal client’.

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