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| July 13, 2020

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Mad About curls and waves workshop with Matt Surplice

Mad About curls and waves workshop with Matt Surplice
Sam Robinson

Schwarzkopf Professional’s #SKPCollective member Matt Surplice is on a mission to educate the hair industry on curls, waves and natural textured hair. Matt believes, “As an industry we’re making curls niche because there’s not enough understanding or education around it. I want to change that.”

About Matt

Matt is owner of dedicated curly hair salon, Spring Hair in Birmingham. The Spring journey started when Matthew began researching how to work with naturally curly hair. In 2011 he flew to New York to train at Devachan hair salon with a desire to learn – really, properly learn – all he could about working with curly hair.

Cutting Curls

Whilst being at Devachan he made the decision there and then to focus entirely on cutting curls – a leap of faith but absolutely the right decision. Flash forward to 2018 and Matt launched his Curl by Curl® cutting workshops with his patented Curl by Curl® method. Clients come from as far and wide as Scotland, Europe and Dubai to get their hair done at Spring and currently Spring doesn’t have a Saturday appointment until February 2020.

Spring’s Curly Hair Promises:

  • We don’t use combs.
  • We cut hair dry.
  • We don’t use tension when cutting hair.
  • We treat every client differently! Working with curly hair means working with a person’s characteristics and the different types of curl they may have.
  • We are a sulphate-free salon. All products are sulphate-free, and we use scrummi hair towels to be eco-friendly and this helps avoid using sulphates to wash towels.
  • We see curls and natural texture as a positive.

Matt’s Top Tips:

  • Curls are created at the backwash – hydration is key!
  • Look for products that contain a humectant, so glycerine and sugar. They are good for moisture and adding moisture into the hair.
  • For hot and sunny temperatures use a cream-based product.
  • For wet and windy weather use a gel or a foam product.
  • The curlier the hair, the more moisture it requires.
  • Hydrate the hair and then seal the hair.
  • If you have a client that wants to embrace their natural hair, then they have to make that decision.

Curly Mythology Busted:

  • Using oil won’t hydrate the hair. Oil and water don’t mix, if your hair is dry and you use an oil, the oil acts as a barrier so moisture can’t penetrate and so the hair stays dry.
  • Cutting hair doesn’t affect the curl pattern, unless you cut it too short.
  • Don’t brush naturally curly hair, we finger comb at Spring.
  • Curly hair isn’t always damaged. Afro hair is one of the most delicate hair types but doesn’t mean it’s always damaged.
  • You can occasionally wear braids and weaves as it won’t permanently damage the hair. But if worn constantly it will.
  • There are many different types of curl on one head.
  • It is a myth that constant washing hair dries out the hair, just as long as you’re using the right products!
  • Hair Density and hair thickness are two different things.
  • Don’t confuse your hair texture with frizz. Your hair is like a woolly jumper, not a cotton t-shirt.
    If you have naturally curly hair and have been straightening it for years but want to go back to natural, then it’s not an overnight fix. When you straighten the hair, you stretch out and damage the curl pattern. The only thing that can fix this is cutting the hair and to stop straightening it – embrace the curl!

Matt’s Mission

Matt’s mission is to make clients fall in love with their natural curls; “It has been my aspiration and goal to become an educator. I love the curly hair industry and want to give something back and inspire my fellow professionals and educate the younger generation coming through. Together we will spread the curly love!” With the rise of the curl, Matt’s knowledge and the incredible Mad About product range, watch this space for more Schwarzkopf Professional curly inspired events.

For more info about the brand, please visit Schwarzkopf Professional here.