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| April 2, 2020

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iSalon Do The Three Peaks Challenge

iSalon Do The Three Peaks Challenge
Sam Robinson

For over 30 years, iSalon have been known for their commitment and passion for technology and providing their clients with the most advanced salon software and hardware to make their business as efficient and modern as possible.

Charity Work

However, on a very different note, the team are delighted to share an update on their fundraising challenged for their chosen charity of the year – The Pituitary Foundation. The organisation is a UK patient support organisation offering expert medical support and information on a range of Pituitary diseases. The foundation operates throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

3 peaks team -

About The Charity

Founded in 1994, and charity registered in 1996, The Pituitary Foundation is there to assist those diagnosed with a disease of the gland, and provides information, support and understanding for those in a time of need. This service is also available to not only patients but their family members, friends, colleagues as well as healthcare professional and the general population. It’s an area which needs great support in order to maximize the information surrounding the medical conditions associated with it.

The Challenge

This fundraising challenge titled “Three Peaks” saw the team climb the three peaks, whilst experiencing incredibly difficult weather and conditions. The team consisted of 9 individuals from iSalon and Jonas along with the iSalon office dog, Ollie. The team completed all three peaks in under 12 hours and so far have raised an incredible £1165 for The Pituitary Foundation.

For any donations please visit iSalon’s Just Giving Page here