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| June 24, 2021

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INNOluxe’s #SAVED Range Is Back & Better Than Ever

INNOluxe’s #SAVED Range Is Back & Better Than Ever
Sam Robinson

INNOluxe’s new #SAVED Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask are the British bond-builder brand’s first range of homecare products that are designed for all hair colours. And that makes them super-exciting! The #SAVED range protects and enhances your colour, PLUS it means that anyone, anywhere can now relish in the much-raved-about INNOluxe shine and luxurious softness from the comfort of their own home.

Three Products

#SAVED Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask put the power of self-care right into your own hands. All three luxurious products:
* protect, enhance and save colour from fading.
* pack a punch with nourishing ingredients such as amino acids and glycerin, which turbo-charge the hair’s condition.
* give any look a boost by adding that unmistakable healthy shine and sumptuous softness that people the world over have come to expect from INNOluxe.


Leaves hair strong, vibrant, healthy-looking – and feeling FABULOUS. It…
* Is perfect for coloured hair, as ingredients like babassu seed oil and safflower enhance colour AND lock it in for longer.
* Is brilliant at giving all hair types a nourishing boost.
* Is kind to hair, as it’s free of sodium chloride, sulphates and parabens.
* Leaves hair with that long-lasting INNOluxe shine and luxurious softness.
* Almost forgot, it cleanses, too…
RRP £21 for 250ml / £34 for 500ml


Is a multi-tasking hair-rescuer-and-colour-defender which locks in colour, nourishes and protects hair against split ends. Genius. It…
* Locks in colour, whatever kind of colour you use, thanks to the power of corn and rapeseed extracts!
* Is a luxurious treat for every hair type. It nourishes and conditions each strand, it protects against split ends AND it helps detangle.
* Gives hair that much-loved, long-lasting INNOluxe shine and luxurious softness.
RRP £23 for 250ml / £37 for 500ml


Is an extremely pampering treat. It nourishes, strengthens and locks in colour, leaving it extremely soft and shiny. It…
* Is a super-nourishing, ultra-hydrating treat for all hair types.
* Strengthens hair, boosts its elasticity, detangles and prevents breakage.
* Is perfect for coloured hair, with the magic of baobab protein, corn and rapeseed extracts locking in and enhancing colour so it lasts and lasts.
* Is packed with ingredients such as argan oil, olive oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil which leave hair luxuriously soft, super-shiny, and super-silky!
RRP £24 for 150ml / £60 for 500ml

For more info, visit INNOLUXE here.