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| July 21, 2024

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Have you tried Calligraphy Cut?

Have you tried Calligraphy Cut?
Joanne Charlton

First there was a rather mysterious marketing campaign that ended in a mobile phone message from hairdresser Ky Wilson talking about a launch, and then came the reveal.

Held at the Ham Yard Hotel in London,UK Artistic Director Ky joined Calligraphy Cut’s visionary inventor Frank Brormann to showcase the diverse looks that can be created with this new cutting tool, offering his key insights.

“To start with, when you’re using the Calligraphy pen, it’s really important that you start using it on wet hair, because it’s the easiest way to cut hair using this tool,” says Ky.

He went on to tackle tight coils, carefully adding volume; defined a dramatic bob, and created a Chelsea-inspired sub culture blonde look – all while stressing Calligraphy Cut is NOT A RAZOR!

Backing his sentiment was industry icon Anthony Mascolo who joined Frank onstage for a candid interview where he shared insights from his extensive career, the inspiration behind the new Calligraphy Cut collection and his genuine admiration for the tool.

Returning to the stage, Ky unveiled the finished looks created with the Calligraphy Cut tool, leaving the audience in awe of its capabilities. The event ended in a lively networking session, where guests had the opportunity to experience the tool firsthand.

Reflecting on the evening, Brormann expressed his gratitude to all attendees, emphasising the collaborative spirit driving the calligraphy cut movement. He said: “Last night was not just about introducing a tool; it was about celebrating the artistry and innovation that define our industry. Together, we’re shaping the future of hairstyling.”

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Image credit: @MauroCarraroPhotos