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| February 26, 2020

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Hairstory: A New Way To Sell Products

Hairstory: A New Way To Sell Products
Sam Robinson

The global brand created by Eli Halliwell – of Bumble and bumble fame – Hairstory is reinventing the way we wash hair with detergent-free cleansers and an edited range of styling products.


Dedicated to helping consumers and hairdressers rethink everything about hair in a world where old rules no longer apply, Hairstory have some liberating beliefs, centred around products that promote self-love and not, like many brands, self-loathing. Having asked provocative questions about hair care, Hairstory came up with some surprising answers: Is shampoo the best way to wash? (No. It’s the worst.) Why are there so many shampoos for every type imaginable? (More stuff = more revenue.) How many hair products do the best hairdressers in the world really need? (About 6.)

As a result of its rebellion, Hairstory launched a capsule collection of products to challenge hair industry norms and change the course of hair history….

The Cleansers

cleansers -

“NEW WASH, NEW WASH (RICH) and NEW WASH (DEEP) employ amphiphilic substances of a different kind to those found within damaging shampoos. Our naturally-derived, saturated cleansers are remarkable because they also condition hair.” – Eli Halliwell, Hairstory CEO


An exceptional, revolutionary cleanser that works on ALL hair types, NEW WASH transforms hair that has been ritually abused by detergent, styling and bleach. It also makes conditioners (which are essentially fabric softeners) obsolete. A proprietary blend of essential oils and naturally-derived, saturated cleansers, New Wash respects the body’s natural moisture barrier that detergent destroys to leave hair feeling smoother, silkier and shinier, with longer lasting colour and happy scalps. This shampoo-superior is paraben-, phthalate- and sulphate-free but most importantly, it’s deter¬gent-free. FOAM IS THE FOE. RRP: £44.00, 236ml. Also available: 600ml by subscription (plus refills), trade products.

NEW WASH (DEEP): More Cleansing

Ideal for those who are ready to end their relationship with shampoo but are sceptical that detergent free cleansers can keep hair oil-free, New Wash (Deep) was made es¬pecially for those who need deeper cleansing from time to time, or all the time. Additions of apple cider vinegar and Argan oil to the original for¬mula means that those with the oiliest of scalps can break the vicious cycle of shampoo and turn their hair story into a love story. Prepare to receive ran¬dom compliments (fitting response: “I dumped shampoo!”). New Wash (Deep) is also ideal for those who’ve tried New Wash (Original) but wished it ‘washed’ that little bit more. RRP: £44.00, 236ml. Also available: Also available: 600ml by subscription (plus refills), trade products. Available June 2018.

NEW WASH (RICH): More Moisture

For those who’ve been on the co-washing bandwagon for a while, but miss ‘washing’, or for those whose hair just won’t thrive without some extra conditioning, New Wash (Rich) was made specifically to benefit thick, thirsty or damaged hair. A single, life-changing product that both gently cleanses and richly conditions, New Wash Rich is a champagne-popping kind of special that will lead to a lifelong love story. RRP: £44.00, 236ml. Also available: 600ml by subscription (plus refills), trade products. Available June 2018.

The Stylers
stylers -


Dubbed “skincare for hair,” this balm features a blend of natural proteins that strengthen and repair hair, alongside nourishing ingredients such as Evening Primrose oil and Jojoba. Ideal for managing dryness and treating over-processed hair, Hair Balm also works wonders on curls or to add weight to naturally big hair, for a leaner look. What stands out most about HAIR BALM is its workable formula, that doesn’t leave hair crunchy, sticky, gelled or lacquered. STAY CALM AND CARRY BALM. RRP: £39.99, 118ml.


For a weightless control that also conditions as it works, DRESSED UP is a light setting lotion and the key to stylish hair. Suitable for those who apply-and-go or for those who use heat styling to achieve their look, this formula gives enough body to loose locks but enough texture to later pin it up, with a hold that lasts. Life’s rosy with final additions of Rose Water – a delicate scent that really does leave you feeling ‘Dressed Up’. RRP: £39.99, 118ml.


The new way to rock waves, UNDRESSED promises all the sexiness of beach hair, without the dry, gritty and crisp texture so often associated with surf sprays. The key to looking (and feeling) artfully undone is having a special product that you can’t see but that you want touch, like this one. Completely free of moisture zapping salt, UNDRESSED, creates texture without torture for a finish that’s seductively soft and lush. RRP: £42.00, 236ml.


This hat-proof, water-resistant shape-shifter is nothing short of MVP (most valuable product) for short cuts. It has your back (sides and top) covered: Look good without trying too hard. Be groomed with a lived-in vibe. Dress for success in no time. Hold it together without being rigid. Help fine hair feel fuller and bring unruly hair in line. Finally, leave the patent shine to shoes, and enjoy a low-key, matte finish. RRP: £37.50, 175ml.


Rise to the occasion: This versatile styling mist – a special blend of thickening, shaping resins, and fast-­vanishing spirits – takes hairdressing to new heights. Help roots stand taller, plump up a ponytail, or add a little “starch” to lock in shape when heat styling. The finish? Smooth, never sticky and always workable without tearing your hair out. So, give yourself a little Lift, and don’t let gravity get you down. RRP: £42.00, 236ml.


Before liquid shampoo, hair was kept fresh with various crushed herbs and in the 400 years, since powdered wigs were the fashion (and the powder room was invented), powders have been consistently hairborne. But this one leaves the best in the dust – a must-have for the modern wash-and-wear wardrobe. While ensuring oil-freedom, the sheer genius of this translucent powder instantly creates Bardot-worthy body (tease no more), extends the life of a hard-won hairstyle, beefs up braids and helps updos hold up. Microfine granules of vegetable and mineral matter are invisible to the eye, silky in hand, and the nose? Smells sublime. So, powder on! RRP: £39.00, 114ml.

A New Way To Sell

In addition to its revolutionary product line, Hairstory has also invented a new way to sell products: No regional distributors, no bulk sales to salon owners, no big box retailers or goliath e-tailers. Instead, Hairstory sells products online and through salons, rewarding hairdressing professionals for referring the brand to its peers – a breakthrough that could change an entire industry as well as the success of each hairdresser who comes on board.

1% For The Planet

A forward-thinking brand that does things differently, for the better, Hairstory are also official partners of 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, non-profits and individuals working together for a healthier planet. The brand is committed to donating 1% of its annual proceeds from sales of New Wash bottles to help those working on water-related issues.

To find out more, visit Hair Story here.