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| December 7, 2019

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Great Lengths: Scarlett Moffatt Reveals New Look

Great Lengths: Scarlett Moffatt Reveals New Look
Sam Robinson

Courtesy of Great Lengths. Scarlett visited Great Lengths certified stylist ​Amber Yuill  at Hobson and Holmes, Darlington for  her transformation.  Amber Yuill shares with us the lowdown on the process from consultation to  the finished look.     

Longer Hair

“On consultation, Scarlett was mainly  wanting her hair longer and to be kept at the shade it was. Her hair was  just past shoulder length and she  already has thick hair, she just missed  the length! She also had some shorter  pieces round the front that she said  she struggled to grow, so I explained  we could maybe take the GL Tapes  slightly higher to help blend these  bits in.”   

Naturally Dark

“As Scarlett’s hair is naturally dark,  after discussing the options on  whether to break the hair up with  slightly lighter shades in the GL  Tapes, we decided on Colour 1B – she  was happy to keep her hair dark all  over and for a natural blend. We  applied 30 GL Tapes as Scarlett  already has quite thick hair to start  with and from experience I have  learned that having an extra few  allows for better coverage and blend,  especially when going for such a  longer length, it’s important to keep  the hair looking natural!”   

Which Tapes Great Lengths scarlett Moffatt -

“We used 22” GL Tapes , as she was  wanting to go for the longer length.  This is the longest available length  from Great Lengths in GL Tapes  (unless you submit a special order  from Italy) and she said she was happy  to try this length, as it could always  be cut and shortened if necessary.  From start to finish (including the  initial washing, blow drying and then cutting once applied) the service took around 2 hours – which  Scarlett said herself was a LOT quicker than she was expecting.”   Complete Transformation

“Once the GL Tapes had been cut and blended, overall, Scarlett’s hair was completely different to  what we began with. So much more added length! I did apply a couple of tapes slightly higher  round the front to blend the fringe into the length (however still ensuring they were hidden so  that she would be able to wear her hair up) which Scarlett said made a huge difference and that  she wished she had had them applied like that previously! We then finished the look by adding a  wave to the hair.” 

For more info on the brand, please visit Great Lengths hair here.