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| April 10, 2020

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Go Greener With Karoliina

Go Greener With Karoliina
Rebecca Parker

A Highworth based hair salon has become the first salon in the town to sign up to the national water refill scheme.


Karoliina Saunders Hair Design in Sheep Street, Highworth has pledged to help fight the war on plastic by committing to the scheme which allows people to refill bottles at shops, cafes and now hair salons, displaying the refill sticker in the window. You can also find Karoliina’s salon on the handy app displaying all UK businesses committed to the scheme.

The Scheme

With over 1,600 businesses signed up to the scheme and the war on plastic recently getting support from the Queen, who has banned the use of plastic straws and bottles across all Royal estates, Karoliina is determined to do whatever she can to make a difference.

About Karoliina

Born and raised in Finland, which has been rated the most eco-friendly country in the world, Karoliina is a long time advocate of running an environmentally responsible business. The salon uses biodegradable towels to avoid using washing machines and detergents and has switched all lighting to energy saving LED. They also use and sell the Matrix R.A.W range which is a 70-100% natural-origin hair care range.

What’s Next?

With a fast growing reputation as a leading educator and session stylist, Karoliina is also planning to contact product companies encouraging them to find alternative to plastics in packaging. She said: “We need to be aware that only a third of plastic packaging used in consumer products is recycled each year. Almost two two-thirds is sent to landfill or incinerated. We will soon be offering a refill service on some products at a reduced price as a further incentive but, to be honest, our clients are hugely supportive of all our green initiatives and want to do what they can to help!”.

To get the app showing the locations of Refill sites visit Refill here.