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| April 19, 2021

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Sam Robinson

With salons and stylists across the country in varying stages of lockdown, ghd is committed to connecting and empowering the industry through education. Hot on the heels of their recent Charlotte Mensah Afro hair masterclass, ghd continued the program of look and learn sessions with an evening of education, led by session stylist Luke Benson.

Glitz The Season

Luke worked on the most recent ghd Glitz the Season collection – a series of technique-based party looks designed to inspire hairdressers and allow them to promote in-salon styling services over Christmas. During his live session, Luke showcased the collection on models, sharing his product choices, styling techniques and finishing touches for perfect party hair.

Live Stream

The event was live-streamed to ghd’s Premier Partner salons; a collective of destination salons across the country who represent all things ghd and deliver fashion-led, ultra-desirable hair. As part of the Premier Partnership, ghd supports businesses with enhanced education, exclusive content and launches and an immersive brand experience – including evenings like Luke’s look and learn.

Six Looks

During the livestream, hosted by ghd’s head of education in the UK and ROI, Janine Jennings, Luke showcased six glittering looks for all hair types, giving those watching plenty of insight into how best recreate the styles and adapt them for their clients. Using the new limited-edition Wish Upon A Star collection of styling tools, Luke also gave his advice for promoting the products to clients as part of a comprehensive salon appointment.

Committed To Supporting

Janine says: “While in-person education might currently be on hold, we are committed to supporting our salons with ongoing learning; particularly ahead of the busy party season. Our Glitz the Season education collection is full of beautiful hair ideas, created using new ghd techniques to give your clients gorgeous, stand-out hair. We were really excited to be able to share these looks, and showcase the beautiful new limited-edition styling range, in this evening with Luke, and the feedback we’ve had from salons across the country has been fantastic. We can’t wait to see everyone’s interpretations of the looks as they welcome their clients back to the salon over the coming weeks.”

Glitz the Season AW 2020 Looks

Modern Beehive

modern beehive -

1. Spritz hair with ghd root lift spray for 2 x more volume
2. Take a horseshoe section from recession to recession and pin up
3. Pad the hair at the crown and brush from the right into the centre using the ghd oval dressing brush
4. Secure with bobby pins
5. Bring the other side over, fold and pin in, maintaining texture
6. Using ghd rise, place horizontally into the hair and flat wrap around the rise
7. Using ghd rise, detail the front sections
8. Adorn with a headband and set with ghd final fix hairspray

Slick Back Knotted Pony

knotted pony -

1. Spritz hair with ghd heat protect spray
2. Smooth over the hair using the ghd platinum+ styler
3. Take two even sections from the front hair line and brush back using the ghd paddle brush
4. Tie the hair in a knot
5. Take another two even sections underneath the first and tie in a knot
6. Take the pieces from the first knot and tie under the section, adding more hair as you travel. Continue this until you cannot pick up any more hair.
7. Tie off using an elastic
8. Add accessories to adorn and set the look using ghd final fix hairspray

Lived In Luxe

lived in luxe -

1. Spritz hair with ghd heat protect spray
2. Section the hair in front of the ear
3. Place the ghd platinum+ styler diagonally back into the hair
4. Wrap the hair around and through the styler
5. Clamp down and glide into the ends of the hair
6. Continue until all the hair has been curled this way, always working away from the face
7. Dress hair using a ghd paddle brush
8. Add some hair slides to adorn the look
9. Set the look in place with ghd final fix hairspray

Disco Luxe

disco luxe -

1. Spritz hair with ghd curl hold spray
2. Twist fluffier sections around your finger to add definition
3. Cup the hair using ghd helios with a diffuser, disturbing the curl as little as possible
4. Section the hair from ear across the top of the head to the opposite ear
5. Use ghd glide hot brush to smooth out the root area
6. Tie off with an elastic
7. Take a section of hair and pass the ghd glide hot brush over to smooth
8. Wrap around the base of the pony to hide the elastic
9. Spritz with ghd final fix hairspray to hold the hair in place.

Beau Waves

beau waves -

1. Spritz hair with ghd curl hold spray
2. Divide the hair into three sections, back and two sides
3. Starting at the nape, take a two-inch square section of hair and twist wrap around ghd creative curl wand
4. Hold for five to eight seconds
5. Cup in your hands to cool
6. Continue until all the hair is curled this way, always curling in the same direction
7. Dress using ghd detangling comb to soften the texture
8. Secure in a low pony with elastic, leaving some hair around the hairline out
9. Cinch and pull around the elastic to soften the texture
10. Adorn with an oversized bow and set with ghd final fix hairspray

For more info on the brand, visit ghd here.