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| August 11, 2020

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Stylist of the Year

Stylist of the Year

Step 1:

Brush the hair with a smoothing brush and create a middle parting. Take a triangle section at the front of the scalp and divide this into six equal pieces and secure with an elastic band.

Step 2:

Keep strong tension and scalp braid these sections. Secure tightly with a small clear band. Smooth off your finished plaits with a soft wax.

Step 3:

Section the remaining hair from ear to ear. Mini crimp this section from root to point. Leave the top part of the remaining hair straight and continue to mini crimp the rest.

Step 4:

Section by section use a large soft paddle brush to brush through the mini crimped hair. Spray in UNITE Texturiza to enhance the volume.

Step 5:

Bring each plait round to the back of the head and secure.

Step 6:

Roll hair into a bob shape, and secure with pins. Finish with UNITE GO365 Hairspray.

Products Used:

Soft wax, UNITE Texturiza and GO365 Hairspray.

Essential Tools:

Smoothing brush, soft paddle brush, mini crimper and clear bands

The Creator:

Lisa Kennefy, Salon Manager Jason Liddiard Hair Design

Time Taken:

45 minutes

Skill Level: