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| July 21, 2024

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Session Label – The Tail – SBS

Session Label – The Tail – SBS

Step 1:

Prep the hair by adding Session Label THE MIRACLE to the surface of dry hair. Brush through and secure into a ponytail in the centre back of the head.

Step 2:

Crimp the base of the ponytail and add Session Label THE POWDER to thicken the hair, giving you a wider base.

Step 3:

Braid the ponytail and secure tightly at the end but be sure not braid too tight at the base.

Step 4:

Using a piece of chicken wire thread this through the braided ponytail starting at the base. Then gently push through until about 2 inches from the end. Wrap excess wire around the base and cover with elastic.

Step 5:

Add Session Label THE PASTE to the ponytail to clean up any flyways, then bend the ponytail into your desired shape.

Step 6:

Finish by spraying Session Label THE TEXTURIZER into the front hairline and using your palms loosen the baby hairs for texture and nuance.

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Nick’s top tip: Don’t over think or try to perfect the look. It should feel a bit DIY to keep it modern and less considered.

The Creator:

Nick Irwin for Schwarzkopf Professional

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