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| November 25, 2020

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Five on Balmain Colour

Five on Balmain Colour
Sam Robinson

When Simon Tuckwell (of Tuckwell & Co) learnt that Balmain was eeking into the world of colour, he knew he was on to something exciting. Now having worked with the colour extensively, he reflects on his own experiences of the fashion brand branching out.

Incredible Results

“As Balmain Hair’s UK Couleurs Couture Artisan, I’ve travelled up and down the country, from Eastbourne to Edinburgh, launching this luxurious, luminous permanent colour collection,and honestly the results have been nothing short of incredible.

balmain 1 -

Considering Every Element

“Balmain has considered every single element of the colour experience. From the consistency, to how the formula mixes, to the smell; which is completely different to any colour I’ve used before. Even our clients comment on how pleasant the fragrance is!This all contributes to the spa-like treatment surrounding the Couleurs Couture colour service,which is so au courant and so seductive.

Continuous Compliments

“The shade vibrancy is phenomenal and most importantly, it lasts. We have clients being complimented on their colour on the very day they’re booked in for re-colouring.The way the product makes the hair feel, especially on our pre-lightened clients, has had the biggest impact on our colour rebooking. Clients are commenting not only on the shine,but the condition too.The 100 percent grey coverage also impresses.

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Creating Theatre

“At Tuckwell & Co we create total theatre in our colour area. Couleurs Couture is mixed in front of the client. This gets them more involved in the process, but also places us front and centre in the role as colour professionals. Clients recognise that there’s a scientific and personalised process involved in creating their colour and this gives them added confidence. We’re not just grabbing a box; we’re creating a bespoke formula,and they love this.

Tailoring Colours

“Being able to tailor make colours for clients has been a real boost and has reignited the team’s passion for colour. We have lively colour focused meetings discussing trends and formulas and it’s so nice to see my team so excited. I strongly believe in staying fashion forward, especially where colour’s concerned. As experts, we need to be always ahead on trends and techniques.Training for staff that focuses on current trends is,I think,key as is encouraging them to think beyond the here and now to the what next?”

You can discover the Balmain Couleurs Couture here, and see some of their transformations taking over the @Salon_Business Instagram here.