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| July 21, 2024

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Sam Robinson

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing is unveiling the next phase of the iconic institution, welcoming the youngest ever President, Ashleigh Hodges, and introducing the new Executive Board for 2024.

Under the guidance of CEO, Barry Stephens and President, Rob Eaton, the past two years have seen incredible growth for the Fellowship, celebrating their highest membership to date, opening three Centres of Excellence, and continuing to provide the industry with educational opportunities for their members in the shape of Hair & Vision and the digital knowledge platform.

New Initiatives
“The unveiling of our new Executive Board is also about acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the outgoing Executive Board, who have celebrated our heritage and driven the Fellowship forward over the past two years. The new board will follow in their footsteps, continuing the great work they have instigated, alongside introducing new initiatives,” –  Ashleigh.

“The Executive Board want to encourage the growth of those who are new to the industry and those who have worked in the industry for many years. The Fellowship will be collaborating and bringing the industry together from all over the UK with a focus on inspiring, educating, and encouraging Salon Stylists, Salon Owners, Freelance Stylists, and Barbers,”- Ashleigh. 

Exceptional Projects
“At this moment in time, the Fellowship has a range of exceptional projects and initiatives. Our goal is to evaluate how we can elevate our current projects, continuing to make them even more special. We want to energise the next generation of Hairdressers and Barbers, and make them recognise what an inclusive, diverse, and exciting industry they are coming into,” – Ashleigh. 

The Fellowship Executive Board

  • Barry Stephens, CEO
  • Ashleigh Hodges, President
  • Michelle Griffin, Vice President
  • Simon Shaw, Head of Education
  • Jackie Holian, Head of Strategic Partnerships
  • Karolina Saunders, Head of Session
  • Lisa Farrall, Head of Creative Direction
  • Sally Brooks, Head of New Talent
  • Junior Green, Head of Textured Hair Innovation

Changing Roles
Changing within the Fellowship are Colin McAndrew who is the Fellowship Ambassador for Scotland and Andrew Barton who takes on the role of Fellowship Ambassador for England. Colin McAndrew has been an established Fellowship board member for many years, who is now taking on the role of Fellowship Ambassador for Scotland, where he will work on a national and local level to develop and drive membership and events throughout Scotland. Colin has played a massive role in the Fellowship’s impact in Scotland, having taken part in previous Hair & Vision events in 2023. After the success of last year’s events, the next Hair & Vision event in Scotland will take place on the 16th of September in Glasgow.

Andrew Barton
He’s a fantastic Ambassador for the industry, and he will be bringing his talent and dedication to his new role as Fellowship Ambassador for England, working closely with all Partners to ensure the Fellowship’s visibility and credibility within all walks of the industry increases. There are two additional Hair & Vision events already taking place in London and Bristol this year.

Tickets are available here:

The Fellowship continues to embrace the industry’s diversity. The Executive Board will also collaborate on ideas, inspiration, and dedication to promote the industry. The Fellowship will continue to advocate for creative equality, whilst supporting the next generation of Hairdressers, and supplying career pathways that better the industry.

“This is an exciting period of transition for the Fellowship. Our Executive Board for 2024 will carry on the hard work and dedication of our outgoing Executive Board. The plans we are putting in place today will benefit the industry of the future, whether it is salons, freelance, hairdressers or barbers. The Fellowship believe the next few years will be very productive and exciting,” – Barry Stephens, Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s CEO. 

The Fellowship is experiencing an exciting period of transition; following in the footsteps of the outgoing Executive Board, alongside introducing new initiatives, it’s a great time to become a member of the Fellowship! 

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