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| July 10, 2020

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Sam Robinson

Hair Stylist, Founder and Creative Director of Electric London, Mark Woolley recently held his notorious Electric Sessions, with the Electric Art Team at Bermondsey Studios in London.
The Electric Sessions continued its guest artist focus with the award-winning Electric Art Team
presenting an up close and personal educational and creative on-trend techniques evening using the
Electric Professional range. To an enthused audience of team members, Electric Professional Product salon stockists, session stylists and influencers.

About The Sessions

The Electric Sessions are about keeping stylists up to date with trends and innovative ways to use
Electric Professional products; they take place regularly at the Electric Studio in Brighton, on the road across the USA and Canada, and also regional guest locations across the UK.

electric sessions 1 -

The Night

Mark introduced the night and recapped on the activities that the Art Team had been involved in,
including London Fashion Week shows. Then, Lara Tree and Mark Woolley took to the stage, where
Mark presented a strong feminine crop that featured a more rounded shape where Mark worked with
a clean perimeter shape. His style was cut in a centre parting and an undercut, which followed the shape of the head. The layers were cut at a graduated angle where the hair will naturally fall, making sure not to over direct each section. The hair was prepped with Electric P*-4 Preparation Spray and styled with the new Electric °C6 Cloudburst. Colourist, Jack Monty then presented the colour of fine triangle slices of steely grey tones.

Free Hand

Lara showcased a free hand cut with a wide tooth comb, where she kept the baseline perimeter
strong so not to lose the length, which she sectioned the hair with her fingers. Using a club cutting
concave round layer to add volume and movement throughout the mid-section, she then prepped the
hair using Electric °C-2 Smoothing Cream to smooth and hydrate the hair and styled with Electric
°C-6 Cloudburst, where she twisted sections, scrunched and then dried with a diffuser.

Ombre + Undercuts 

Colourist, Clare  Finn presented the vibrant and vivid purple and magenta ombre using a featured application. To finish the evening Sean Dawson and Emma Vickery took to the stage to present their styles of the evening. Sean presented an undercut through the back and sides but keeping the top soft and feminine. Using a razor for the initial hair cut then using texturizing scissors to refresh the cut and filter through the last cm of the ends only. To personalise the top section, he worked back into the sides to keep length, adding lift at the crown with a curved shape to add femininity. He then applied the new Electric °C-8 Invisible Volume Chalk to style in to a fashion led quiff. Jack Monty returned to the stage to discuss the bleached blonde hue with icy, cool pearl tones.

electric sessions 2 -


For the final look of the evening Emma Vickery showcased a concave layer lift through the top and
kept the weight through the bottom by point cutting the hair straight across to keep the length, whilst
over directing the front sections in clean segments to the back so not to get any graduation. Using
Electric P*-4 Preparation Spray and Electric °C-1 English Rose Serum to prep and dry into the hair, she then tonged to add a soft wave throughout. Then the Electric °C-8 Invisible Volume Chalk was used to teased into the hair. Clare Finn then returned to present the colour of dark pink into lighter pink, using a mix of fuchsia and magenta tones through the top and coral bleed.

Model Finale

The night ended with a finale of the models on stage with the Electric Art Team, which gave the
audience an exciting opportunity to capture the looks and get a close-up on the techniques used to
create the looks.


Of the night, Mark Woolley said “What a great evening! It was great to welcome to the stage the Electric Art Team who are an important part of the #ElectricFamily and who love to share their passion and skills for the craft. The night was the ideal showcase of fashion led editorial looks, which will have clients coming back for more, whilst really showcasing the Electric Professional products in new and unique ways.”

For more info on the brand, visit Electric Hair here.