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| September 27, 2021

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CrownCouture Adds Russian Mongolian hair To Its Portfolio

CrownCouture Adds Russian Mongolian hair To Its Portfolio
Sam Robinson

Just in time for festival season, CrownCouture adds new Russian Mongolian hair extensions to its portfolio. Find out all about their latest addition below. 

The Quality

CrownCouture is committed to source the very best hair available for clients. All the hair extension hair is Remy. These types of hair are specifically processed to ensure that all the cuticles remain intact and are facing the same direction from root to tip (so called Remy hair). Ultimately this ensures that the hair extensions do not tangle or matt whilst installed.

The Perfect Blend

The team works with different types of hair – a Russian Mongolian hair, Brazilian hair, pure Mongolian hair and Indian Remy hair. The newest addition to the hair portfolio is Russian/Mongolian hair. The team has travelled far and wide to source this perfect blend of the highest quality human hair, hand-picked and ethically sourced from only young donors.

Elasticity And Bounce

The selected raw hair come from different countries including Russia and Mongolia, and they are blended together to exploit the individual strengths of each race of hair. This hair is silky soft just like typical Russian hair yet strong and durable like typical Mongolian hair. Thanks to these factors, the collection promises first/ A grade hair with the utmost elasticity and bounce.

Available Types

The Russian/ Mongolian hair range is available in stick tips/itips and wefts and in 23 colour shades. Hair extensions specialist Nikki Alonzi has used her experience of working in the industry to design and develop the colour range, creating some unique ashy and blonde shades such as #18, #22, #60A/18, #101/18, #101.

Processing Techniques

CrownCouture has also developed the processing techniques in such a manner that the condition of the hair is not lost through rapid colour processing. This hair is processed slowly to maintain a beautiful, soft and shiny hair that will retain its vitality for up to a year and beyond. The result is beautiful, soft and shiny hair which retains its vitality and lustre.

The price varies according to the length (16″, 18″ and 20″) and application methods; it goes from £45 to £170. Visit Crown Couture here to find out more.