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| October 21, 2020

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Could you be the #SBAwards’s Colour Salon of the year?

Could you be the #SBAwards’s Colour Salon of the year?
Sam Robinson

Colorists – it’s your time to shine! Ready to gain some industry recognition? Here’s everything you need to know in order to enter the #SBAwards’ Colour Salon category. 

The Category

Colour is big business and if it’s your big business and you have it nailed, you could be 2020’s Colour Salon of the Year. 

Who Can Enter

UK based salons that offer hair colour services.

How To Enter

Entrants to this category will need to provide evidence on the quality and consistency of their colour services including edcuation that nurtures the skills of its colourists. The entry must include a model image that demonstrates a specific colour technique with a description about the colour and how it was achieved. Entrants will also need to provide background information about the various colour services offered in salon and how they’re marketed. The winner will be selected by our judging panel in two stages.

What The Judges Are Looking For

– Consistent, current and high quality colour services
– Well thought out colour ideas that are revealed closely in the finished look
– Demonstration of technical ability in colour
– A high level of skill in the overall finish
– The submitted image should be of good quality

color salon -

Colour Salon Category – Sponsored by JOICO

JOICO’s salon innovations are designed to return hair to its strongest, shiniest, healthiest state with each and every use. The brand has provided products, innovation and education to the global salon community for over 40 years and wmany more to come. “The joi of healthy hair” is their promise and commitment.

“We bring the glamour of Hollywood to your salon. And health to the hair of your clients. We are JOICO, from Los Angeles, the city of the stars and beautiful people. New looks are born and new styles created on a daily basis here,” says a spokesperson for JOICO.

“In the long term, that can put a lot of strain on hair. That is why top hairdressers from LA and all over the world swear by our products: because they treat, colour and style hair in a healthy way. Together, we bring health to the hair of your clients.”
JOICO. The joi of healthy hair.

Ready to enter? Head over to the Salon Business website here.