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| October 20, 2021

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#ColourFest: Schwarzkopf Pro x PANTONE

#ColourFest: Schwarzkopf Pro x PANTONE
Sam Robinson

Schwarzkopf Professional have joined forces with the PANTONE Color Institute – the global colour expert and trend forecaster – to present a unique set of 18 new IGORA ROYAL Mixes inspired by trending colour worlds identified by PANTONE. Two love brands in colour make the perfect partners for a powerful statement!


For hairdressers, intermixing is essential to improve client loyalty, with customised and personalised colour services that cannot be reproduced easily. Colour is a way to experiment with creativity while letting salon clients express themselves – IGORA ROYAL empowers hairdressers to be the colourist they want to be, now through a new powerful collaboration celebrating true trend colour expertise and the endless opportunities of mixing.

‘Colour is essential to our very existence. From the foods we eat, to the beauty of flora and fauna, colour defines our world. The first thing you remember and the last thing you forget, colour is an identifier’ – Vice President PANTONE Color Institute, Laurie Pressman


To educate colourists on how to perfectly mix and leverage the newly sharpened and streamlined IGORA ROYAL portfolio, Schwarzkopf Professional has teamed-up with the PANTONE Color Institute in a collaboration that celebrates colour and a commitment to colour perfection – connecting new IGORA ROYAL Mixes to trending colour worlds and on-trend looks.

The Process

To begin the process, PANTONE identified core colour trends that reflect the current zeitgeist, leading to the creation of 3 distinct trend colour worlds: Novel Comfort, Quintessential and
E-phoria. Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Colour Ambassadors Lesley Jennison and Arjan Bevers, as well as the creative collective X-presion and Colour Educator Josie Vilay, then translated these colour trends forecasted by the PANTONE Color Institute into a set of 18 IGORA ROYAL Mixes, with each final Mix being matched to an official PANTONE colour from their Fashion, Home & Interior Color Systems.

New Mixes

This new Mixes Collection celebrates the unlimited opportunities of the new IGORA ROYAL portfolio, with each trend colour created through the mixing of two to three core IGORA ROYAL shades.

The new IGORA ROYAL Mixes have been brought to life in six powerful looks featured in Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks 2:2021 INSCAPE Collection to represent a key fashion, cut and colour direction.

IGORA new -

Inspired By PANTONE

Introducing the IGORA ROYAL Mixes Collection inspired by PANTONE Colour World One – Novel Comfort A palette of organic, earthbound vegetal colours inspired by nature expresses our desire for warming comfort and simple pleasures. Encouraging us to take a step back, to enjoy a slower and more organic way of life, these timeless colours highlight our desire to assess our priorities and values as we seek a healthier lifestyle. “I wanted my colours to melt and meld into each other, resulting in calming and lived- in muted colours giving a sense of calmness, fragility and safety…a sense of being connected to the planet.” – Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison

Novel Comfort IGORA ROYAL Mixes by Lesley Jennison

  •  IGORA ROYAL 9-55 + 9-7 (1:1)
  •  IGORA ROYAL 9-4 + 8-84 (1:3)*
  •  IGORA ROYAL 8-65 + 9-98 (35:1)
  •  IGORA ROYAL 4-68 + Pastelfier (2:1)
  •  IGORA ROYAL 6-46 + 3-68 (5:1)

Colour World Two – Quintessential

This colour world reflects our relationship to heritage, infusing modernity into nostalgia vibes. It is a group of joyful floral hues, centred around a foundation of cool ash and cendré tones, which together illustrate our desire for positivity and uplift. “I was so inspired by PANTONE trends. We have been doing greys and roses for a while but here is a new version of it that is so 2021!” – Global Colour Ambassador, Arjan Bevers

Quintessential IGORA ROYAL Mixes by Arjan Bevers

  • IGORA ROYAL 9-1 + 6-88 + Pastelfier (30:2:10)
  • IGORA ROYAL 9-1 + 0-89 (30:1)
  •  IGORA ROYAL 8-11 + 6-99 (10:1)
  • IGORA ROYAL 8-19 + 9-24 +1-1 (10:10:1)

Quintessential IGORA ROYAL Mixes by Josie Vilay

  • IGORA ROYAL 9-55 + 0-88 (8:2)
  • IGORA ROYAL 9-7 + 5-99 + Pastelfier (10:1:10)
  • IGORA ROYAL 8-11 + 0-88 (10:1)
  • IGORA ROYAL 8-11 + 0-33 + 0-55 (10:1:3)

Trend Three – E-phoria

This trend is a range of extravagant and joyful colours to celebrate self-expression into a world of technology. Ranging from deep purples to vibrant coppers and reds, these optimistic tones spark joy and boost mood. “In Spain, we love vibrant colours. Red is the colour of passion, seduction, it captures attention. Creating these new shades was a lot of fun.”

Colour Experimentalists, X-presion

E-phoria IGORA ROYAL Mixes by X-presion:

  •  IGORA ROYAL 8-77 + 0-77 (1:1)
  • IGORA ROYAL 9-98 + 0-77 (1:10)
  • IGORA ROYAL 9-98 + 0-77 (1:3)
  •  IGORA ROYAL 9-98 + 0-89 (1:1)
  •  IGORA ROYAL 7-55 + 6-99 (2:1)

IGORA ROYAL x PANTONE: Looks and Education

Schwarzkopf Professional truly understand how important it is to create a mix that makes the client feel special, with a colour that perfectly matches their skin tone and hair base. The new IGORA ROYAL Mixes inspired by PANTONE enable every hairdresser to be their most creative by using the existing IGORA ROYAL portfolio to explore endless service opportunities!

Discover all 18 of the new Mixes and learn how to create an infinite number of colours with the IGORA ROYAL Mixes Collection inspired by PANTONE!

Schwarzkopf Professional support colourists to fully leverage colour mixing in the salon with expert education and training. As part of the new campaign hairdressers can receive an extensive toolbox celebrating the collection, which will include:

  • A dedicated colour chart showcasing the colour trend inspiration as well as all mixes and detailed mixing ratios
  • Inspiring new visuals showcasing the versatility of the Mixes and celebrating the trend colours of each trend world
  • A wide array of playful digital assets
  • Extensive technical materials and videos to deepen the knowledge on mixing and working with the IGORA ROYAL portfolio
  • Inspiring tips and tricks videos featuring personal mixing tips from Global Ambassadors

Explore the full collection on the Schwarzkopf Professional website here.